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ABOUT Mario Radosavljevic.


About Mario Radosavljevic and how he became a global eCommerce specialist.


The story about Mario Radosavljevic starts like this, after being a successful football player, he lost everything in 2008. Born in Belgrade, Serbia, he is a child of a partly sports- partly military family. His parents were rigorous and forced him to choose a sport where he must put in all his efforts.

He became fast a rising star in soccer sports where he already made a crazy amount of money by playing professional football. The loss of his mother and the economic crisis in 2008 took everything away from him. Depressed and homeless for months while eating dog food to survive, he said STOP - NO, no more, so he decided to start from square one and went to Germany.

Sleeping on floors without a bed for months and searching in phone boots to find coins to afford some food for himself and his wife while pushing daily to change his situation. He learned in sports and his military background from his family: never give up and give everything you have, and you will succeed. So he became a Serial-Entrepreneur and private Investor. He successfully launched over 24 brands over the years and sold them with an incredible ROI. He started with nothing and no external help. He managed to grow his income so far, to live a wealthy life in Monte Carlo, Monaco, and Dubai, in the United Arab Emirates.

When he started, he was an illegal alien in Germany for 1,5 years because the Government refused to give him a Visa despite being raised up in Austria and having a life-long resident Visa. He hid from the foreigner department to not be deported from Germany while building his first company and working 16-18 hours per day, 30 days a month.

Now he started his own YouTube channel to teach people for FREE with REAL LIFE strategies how to grow their income to a level where they never thought this would be possible and live the life of their dreams. Why is he doing this? Because he wants to give something back. He wished he would have someone to ask what to do and what not in his darkest hours. Learn from him how you can change your life and live your dreams that you have pushed back in your closet. Learn from the number One eCommerce and branding specialist how to make money from home without having money no matter where in the world you live.

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