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Highest paying remote work jobs from home to make money online.

I have done them all, and I can tell you straightforward what it's all about and what makes sense.


What are the highest paying remote work jobs from home to make money online?


A graphic designer is a person that can create a photoshop picture with a product or displayed service that a company needs. For this, you need, of course, the skills of working, for example with Photoshop. Mastering this will take time, but once you have it, you will be able to work for hundreds of companies and offer your service. Please understand that if you also work as a video editor or website designer, photoshop skills are a must if you don't want to be dependent on others.

The income range is around $25-$40 per hour, which will quickly create $2500 to $4000 per month income for you when you get several companies as your client.


Becoming a web designer these days is very easy compared to some years ago. This is because you don't have to fight with WordPress anymore since platforms like WIX were launched. There is no need for any programming skills to get started, and the best is that you can create a WIX website for free without paying a single cent if you don't launch the site with a domain. This way, you can learn everything you need, and what you don't understand, you will find on YouTube tons of videos on how to. Believe it or not but thousands of companies have a horrible website or none at all, which is beyond weird in 2021. The opportunities are significant. One of the reasons I see for this situation is that Entrepreneurs are too busy to handle the case in the pandemic. The good news is that the pandemic switched the market to over 90% of businesses deals online - rising. So plenty of work for your bright future.

Web design is usually charged between $2000 to $5000 per project. Some more significant sites also need a web shop up to $20,000. Please don't compare yourself with guys from India that will charge much less on Fiverr. First of all, they are selling themselves far beyond their worth. Secondly, many of them disappear after a short period or worse, still in contact with you but only remotely. This makes a partnership impossible. Web designers from Europe or the US are still the best ones as they tend to work this job for years.


The Video Editor is probably the most important job since 2021. Since the pandemic is killing the interaction between the customer and the local shop, Entrepreneurs need to display their service or product in the best way possible. Until now, there is no better way than doing this with a video. Video editing is by far the most complex and time-consuming work you can do. So the possibilities are enormous as nearly nobody has time to learn and execute it, which significantly increases the income for this type of job.

Payments range between $15 to $40 per hour, bringing you quickly $2000 to $8000 per project.


This is something I do not recommend. Although you can make some money with it, it will take a long time until you start seeing the light. Plus, you need to promote your own book to generate sales, and this also requires money. Now not only that you spend all of your free time away from your wife and family to write your book, but you also don't make money until it's written and published. I think that's crap, and there are far easier methods to make money online than writing a book.


Copywriting is another favorite because it opens the door to a whole new possibility of income. 99% of the websites out there have poor content or not SEO optimized content for their website. SEO is key to do this, and this is how it works.

While most folks will tell you that this job is here to connect the customer with the sales site or brand, I say that's Bullshit. This was true in 1875. Today it has just one single purpose, and this is marketing. Companies want to be found on Google, and instead of writing an ad, they want to be found in a "natural way" to trigger sales.

You can get from $200 up to $2500 project, but here is my advice: convince the company that you write 1 blog post per week, for example, $50 - $100 and do this with around 10 companies. Count yourself on how much money this will make. Integrate SEO in the message the company wants to spread. Don't change the message or convince them if you are not a specialist in online marketing. There is Zero chance for you to learn this online. Some of the top-dogs are studying online marketing for years in Universities to push the big brands like Coca-Cola and Co. So take the message but integrate the essential SEO words for their industry into the blog post and let them grow.

I made with this job between 8-12,000 per month myself.


I am using an Ad manager myself, and the reason for that is not that I don't know how to do it, but I am too busy running my company. Therefore I am hiring a freelancer to do what I think needs to be done and ask him what he thinks about this strategy. This is a future job as all our lives are connected with ads, whether you like it or not.

Typically, ads managers charge around $300 to $2500 per month, depending on how big the project and the monitoring must be. So you can get with a couple of clients quickly five figures. The key here is a recommendation from one happy client, and believe me, you will get it. Nothing better than a happy Entrepreneur!


Checking the content from others if they wrote nonsense or not can be a possibility, but if you ask me: Don't waste your time on this even if you make money. This is because programs like "Grammarly" are so good that even guys at the New York Post are using this program to check their articles. I am using it myself, and the crazy thing is that you can choose even the style of writing and how to correct it. For example, moderate, casual, informative, or educational. With programs like this, you will soon be unemployed and broke. Therefore, if that is your passion, do it. Still, I definitely do not recommend it even though it's trendy now. I see some ass-kicking soon.


This is a job for a person who creates, for example, a cooking site. He continually posts a little bit of content connected to the previous one. So people are paying money to be part of it and being updated every week, for example. That is a lot of work but also very well spent. Memberships like this usually charge between $10 to $100 a month, depending on how big the topic and niche are. 
You can make $1000 - $20,000 per month if you create such a site.


I have made a video on this, but if you still think selling Amazon products is a no-brainer for you, I can tell you hayahoo, do it.


Affiliate marketing is an excellent way to create an independent income source. Still, you need to have a good running website or YouTube channel to make it work. Usually, you earn around $150 to $400 per day, depending on the niche that you are serving.

I hope you guys had a blast just as I did, as I love to show you ways to increase your monthly income. Most of the things listed here I did myself, so I can tell you my experience, what was working for me and what was more or less a good experience but a waste of time.







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