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How much does YouTube pay per 1000 views?

To understand perfectly how much does Youtube pay for your views, you need to understand first the metrics. How much is it that YouTube pay is what so many of you want to know, and you know what, I am a full-time YouTuber, and I can tell you exactly how much that is.


How much does YouTube pay for 100,000 views?

To answer how much does YouTube pay per view, we have to cover one thing first. YouTubers make far more money than most people think. So to understand how much does YouTube pay per view, the first answer is - Tons of money!

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But does every YouTuber make a fortune on Youtube? Surely not. Only those who understood how to play the game created a money printing machine that keeps growing every month. The thing with YouTube is that you need consistency to make it, and while this sounds so easy, it's not.

The reality is, you are working 80-100 hours a week to research what topic can be interesting for the viewers, write then your script, film it, cut it, and make a nice animation so that your viewers are enjoying your content. And all of that you are doing without getting paid one single cent - at least in the beginning.

Even if you get monetized on YouTube, the ad revenue you are making can maybe invite your girlfriend to McDonald's once a month, but not much more. So in my case, I have counted to invest around two full years with at least one video per week to start feeling the vibe of making money on YouTube. Yes, your guess is correct; I have to work on all my other things to make a living, and while you think now, Jeeez, how should I ever manage this? I can tell you so much, I am running 24 different companies and STILL run my own YouTube Channel.

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But let's go back to our topic, which so many of you are interested in. How much does YouTube pay? I could tell you know it is between $2,00 and $25,00 per thousand views. Still, you have to understand that advertising on YouTube depends a lot on the season and availability. You can count around somewhere of $800 to $2500 per month once your Channel gets some decent traffic, but as usual, on social media, as more known you are and as more people subscribe to your Channel, you will also get invitations from brands and companies that want to use your audience to place their products, and they pay somewhere between $2,000 to $50,000 per video you make, but again, depending on how popular you are.

There is evidence that some YouTubers make around $1 Million per month with ads, paid advertising, merchandise and courses.

Some YouTubers have more fans following them than Oscar winners in Hollywood. The crazy thing is, the number of these Youtubers is constantly rising. We have nowadays YouTube stars that have 20 Million and up to 100 Million views per video. If a Hollywood blockbuster had that, they would be going crazy from happiness, and those guys are doing these numbers every single week.

So what do we learn from the question of how much does YouTube pay? We know that it depends totally on you. Tons of money is waiting for you, and you don't have to go goofy or similar to attract a specific audience. As the word specific already says, you need to niche down and become known in one particular area and start collecting views and Subscribers. Will it be easy? No, but as with every business, you will get momentum once you start spinning that heavy wheel.

Take me as an example. I have calculated around 1,5 to 2 years to get my 10,000 Subscribers, and now I am scratching on this goal after 5 months. I have by far more interaction than I ever dreamed of. Still, I have to admit, I already have 1,3 million fans on my Facebook fan page and another 50k on some other pages. This does not mean that I can bring them quickly to YouTube as it is a totally different topic. Secondly, people don't like to change platforms that easily. However, I am still pushing and giving things the time they need, and it's like walking from A to B. Step by step, you will come closer to your goal.

You have to do right now to make money on YouTube to identify what niche and topics are the most suitable for you and get started. You don't need expensive equipment and crazy locations. Your smartphone is more than enough, cause guess what? I am filming with my iPhone 12 videos, and I think the results are absolutely incredible! Simply open an account at Adobe, and you can use Adobe Premiere Pro and Photoshop for your videos. As I usually like to say, getting started is the most important thing. You will adapt over time and get better, and while getting better, you will come closer to your goal. Before you even realize it, you will be monetized and start making money on YouTube.

My last tip is to watch my videos, which will help you understand this topic better and schedule your day when you get started. Let's say you know that you will have a bit of time on your weekend, so start all of the video processes on Monday and do every day a little bit until you have it ready for the upload on Saturday or Sunday. Very important is that you don't stress yourself with I must do this or that, because as with all things in life, keep having fun doing it as otherwise it will become a burden. Don't get me wrong, you must be consistent but don't try what so many do and post daily a video just for the sake of having a video on your Channel. You watchers want to be entertained, and entertainment needs time to be prepared the right way.

Follow my advice to understand how much does YouTube pay, and you will see it is the best thing you have ever done.


Till then, thank you very much for reading, and I'll see you at the top!







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