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How to earn money from YouTube as side hustle?

The very best way on how to earn money from YouTube is, to start you eCommerce business today. This and more I will be showing you here below and in the video on your left.


How to earn money from YouTube and how much does YouTube pay?

It is not secreted that I am the number one source of showing how to earn money from YouTube as a multi-brand owner and serial entrepreneur with 24 brands and companies. How to earn money from YouTube, and how much does YouTube pay? Fascinating question and so easy to answer. I was investigating how to make money from YouTube and how much YouTube pays before I started my own YouTube channel MarioRadosavljevicPodcast. This is what I have found out.

First things first. If you did not already Subscribe to my Channel, please click this link here and do so. I will show you all the tricks and tips I gathered as a serial entrepreneur and full-time Youtuber how to do it:


To earn money on YouTube, all you have to do is to start. Depending on the niche you choose, the payments will be higher or lower. But you have another problem to solve first, and this is: You need 4000 hours of watch-time and 1000 Subscribers to qualify yourself for becoming an official YouTube partner. Sound easy but believe me, it is not!

In fact, this is the hardest thing on YouTube you will ever face. Why? Let me explain to you how the YouTube algorithm works:

After posting your first Youtube video and posting it, you will sit and watch, but not much will happen. The reason for this is that YouTube first wants to see how others are reacting to your content so they can recommend it to others or not. The impressions in your YouTube Studio will show how many people did the YouTube algorithm show your video. So if you see a number of 300, for example, then 300 people have seen your video in the "preview" as a thumbnail, NOT the video itself.

This is the first measurement the algorithm will check. Are people willing to click on your preview pictures or not? If they click and watch the video, how long did they watch it? Was it short? You are screwed because the YouTube algorithm will think your content sucks, and that's why nobody wants to look longer than just a couple of seconds.

Now because you are fresh on the platform and nobody knows you, it is natural that people will not click very often on your thumbnail and will not watch your video for very long. The audience is looking for famous people and wants to know what they are saying or be entertained by them. In fact, the average view time for newbies on YouTube is around 10 seconds per video. Now imagine how hard it will be to get 4000 hours of watch time! You're right, SUPER HARD!

The next thing is your subscribers. Would you follow someone that have 2 videos and 5 subscribers? Probably not, and guess what? I had the same problem. The problem in all of that is that YouTube gives you only 12 months to achieve this goal, and a study showed that around 88% of new Youtubers fail to accomplish this goal. The reason is not that it is impossible to do. The reason is that they are inconsistent.

Don't be stupid and cheat and buy watch time and subscribers. YouTube is owned by Google, and Google is known to have the most sophisticated AI Algorithm on the planet. Don't try to trick it, as you will lose 100%.

Instead, be consistent and try to find topics that you like and that you are passionate about. Never make videos about a topic where you repeat like a robot what others say. Speak about things you love to speak about because others will see your passion in the video and will likely watch your videos longer and subscribe to your Channel.

That's what I did. I love eCommerce and making money online. It keeps me up at night and makes it so much fun for me to use the internet to my advantage and make money online. Speaking about this will be, in my case, absolutely natural and not a must-do.

Search in the Google keyword planner the most searched terms in your niche and create a video about this topic. Follow my videos and how to get natural traffic and build an audience and authority in your place. You will see, everything will start rolling. Slowly, but steady.

YouTube rewards only those willing to sacrifice and who are eager to put REAL work into it. Don't think how much money I will make in the beginning. It will be the same if you think about when I will win a gold medal while you started training yesterday for the first time in your life. Does not make sense, does it?

Instead, use the time wisely and learn how to work on photoshop, Lightroom, cut videos, film with your smartphone, and many other things you need to improve the quality and experience with your videos. All this will determine how successful your YouTube journey will be or not.

Studies show that 98% of new channels shut down because they don't have interaction. When further investigated, it was found that the video quality was poor, no animations in the video, no scripts, nothing that would keep a user engaged with your video. Do you want to watch a film that is boring and without highlights? Of course not, and so do others. Making a good video takes planning and investigating. It is not shooting from the hips and waiting on one single video to go viral. Even if you have one video that goes viral, what's next? Don't believe that that will be enough to keep your new subscribers on your page for one second. YouTube is like a show that comes out on a weekly basis. If it starts to be boring, you are screwed. So plan, investigate and use the time in between to learn all the skills you need to create your own incredible content that others enjoy on YouTube. 

To summarize: how to earn money on YouTube is a marathon, not a spring. It takes passion and a lot of sacrifices to be rewarded. But once you make it, you get the email, welcome to YouTubes partner program, all the pain will turn into happiness as then you are on your way to earning money on YouTube, big time!

Thank you very much for reading, and I'll see you at the Top!







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