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You must prepare yourself these days to understand the ecommerce business and make money online. Follow my guidance for how to make money from home?


How to make money from home with eCommerce?

Today, I will explain you the five reasons why money always flows to the rich. Hello guys. My name is Mario Radosavljevic and I'm a serial entrepreneur and private investor based in Monte Carlo, Monaco and Dubai. And I'm giving you on this channel my experience I collected in the last 13 years and how I made it to live a wealthy, healthy, and happy life. Saving the money, the wrong way. This is a very, very important topic.


Saving money is a good thing. Don't get me wrong, but not as you think. The point in all of that is, that you have to remember why you started your business in the first place. It was that sparkle in yourself that made you believe everything is possible. Now, while you found out that working and running a company is much, much harder than you thought it would be months are passing by, years are passing by. And you're asking yourself why the hell I'm doing this?


You need to get the sparkle back. And this is very simple to do instead of taking $300 and putting it aside for a very, very hard time, you have to take this $300 and reward yourself with something. I don't know, maybe a Louis Vuitton t-shirt. Mario. How in God's name? I will buy myself a Louis Vuitton T-shirt when I'm barely paying my rent. Good question, but let me remind you of something. You're working for something to get something back.


The idea was to live like a king or a queen to have this prosperous life you always dreamed of. This is the reason why you started this hassle in the first place. Now, while you're working and working and days, and weeks and years are passing by, you don't get anything better. Just getting more problems. And especially in hard days, you will ask yourself why in God's name, I'm doing this. A very good example is this baby over here to just come back to the harbor. This guy bought himself these toy to reward himself, of course, on a different level than you and I when we are starting a new company, but that's not the point. The point is that he is rewarding himself. You need to know why in God's name, you are working. If you are just working to pay your bills, you will be screwed. Not only financially, but most of the time also mentally, because you don't know why you're working. And look at this guy he's running here. He's bringing his mind in shape. He's bringing his body shape and I can tell you something. If you see people in Monte Carlo running, they have tons of companies, but still find to develop their body and their mind, because this is essential.

If you put your fat ass only on the table and on the chair and working on the computer for 16, 17, 18 hours, you will be screwed. Your body will look like a bubble gum where you'll sit there and elephants sit on it. You got the point. You need to reward yourself. You need to remind yourself all the hustle, all the problem, all of these trouble, you have running and building a brand. It's very difficult my friends, it's tons of work. There are no free days. There are no holidays. There are nothing in the beginning. But one day when you get the keys for this baby its boogaloo time, baby, I can tell you this, you're dancing and moving around the street. And you know what? It's not the point that you driving a Bentley.


It's the point that you know where you started and where you are now. And because of this, you know where you're going to be in the next couple of years, for example, myself, before I was eating dog food, because I was dead broke. Now I'm driving a fucking Bentley. Imagine what I will have in two or three years, it will be something incredible. It will be better than before. And that's exactly the point why I'm doing all of this, get your shit together and we move on to the next point. Watch this video until the end. As you have to connect all five dots together, to have a very powerful weapon for your daily fight in creating a money stream for a better life. There are five reasons why money always flows to the rich.


But let me tell you from the very beginning, the myth, managing money wisely to have money is simply not true. The reason for this is, that every decision we make is based on all the experiences from our past, as till now, nobody managed to look into the future. All our decisions, conscious and unconscious are based on what we have learned in the past. This is very important to understand as this is the points to start for changes for the better, rich people are getting richer and richer, but why? The reason why rich people are getting richer and richer, and it seems that money always fly to the rich is that they understood the five basics that must be applied to every single business in order to create a constant money flow. No matter if you make money online or you are running a small shop on the corner, never make decisions when you are emotional. This sounds very easy and everyone will agree that this is the truth, but why are so many of us unable to practice this in the real world? The reason for this is that the experiences from the past are shaping your daily life and therefore your decisions.

The perfect example in this case is that your new partner does not want to take the next step with you in your relationship, because there is an interfere of getting hurt, like in the past so while you have done everything to make this person feel simply loved and wonderful. You still receive a doubt of what if. You see this person does not mean to hurt you or play games with you. At least not in the most cases, it is simply an interfere developed based on the good or bad experiences in the past. The same rule applies to business. If you are one of those who can be very emotional.

Being calm in hot debates is a behavior that you have to practice because this is the number one and most important rule. Rich people have. As usual, when emotions are involved, it will take some time to develop this new habit. I know this very well myself. As when I was a bit younger, I tend to jump quickly over the table for a closer debate.

Number two, never make decisions without knowing all the facts. One of the most common mistakes is to make decisions without knowing all the facts.

Not only that, often you make a wrong or not advantageous decision when you decide too fast. But furthermore, you look also weak in the eyes of the other party if you want to negotiate a new deal.

Staying relaxed when it gets tough is a huge secret from those that look like they always make money no matter what, you have to detach yourself from emotional thinking. When you get attacked by customers or competitors, you need to stay calm and focused. It sounds easy, but believe me, it's not. In fact, I was not jumping only one time over the table to end this guy's life just because he tried to destroy all that I have worked for in the last years. So I know what I'm talking about, until I realized that the idea of acting like a zombie hunter, will not get me what I need at least not until the world is coming to an end. I was always on the losing side. The problem with that was that I knew I'm better than him and I knew I was right. And that this guy was playing unfairly. When I realized how powerful it is to understand that the other parties play unfair and dirty. I started using their behavior against them. And now they named me a scumbag and many other nice words. And so I knew mission accomplished

All our acting is based on other experiences from the past. But this markets and business are changing constantly. You need to train your brain at the same pace besides the fact that you have to be an expert in your field. You must also be an expert in all the niches that are related to your business. This does not only give you a 40, but also a big advantage in every single situation related to your business. For example, with the term making money online, you need to know what possibilities here exists and how to execute them. By looking at this topic from different angles, it will force you to put your nose into new areas so you can combine dots in a different and maybe unique way. If you see value in this video and want me to make more of these, please give this video a like and share it.


Comment below what your thoughts are on this topic. And if you have any questions, please subscribe to my channel and thank you very much for watching. I see you at the top.







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