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Make money online watching YouTube videos! I will show you a PROVEN STRATEGY on how you can make a decent income by sharing my screen with you. Follow my guidance on how to make money online watching youtube videos!


Make money online watching YouTube videos with this strategy.

Make money online watching YouTube videos. Is that possible? Yes, I'm doing it all the time. Today I will explain you how you can do the same, and you can make really good money. It will be starting like a snowball, and it starts growing bigger and bigger and bigger. Stick with me till the end of the video, because I will show you where to get it, how to place the links, how to get paid, and how to repeat the process. Let's get started. Hi guys, my name is Mario from Follow the Money. Nice that you're here and today I will show you how you will make money by watching YouTube videos. And these works worldwide. Before I share my screen with you so you see step by step how I'm doing it so that you can do it yourself, I have to explain how that is possible. You have to look for some videos that are trending or some in a niche where you get millions of views. For example, like the gaming industry. And you're just copying this video, I will show you where to transform the link, where to place it. And then you just simply watch how the money is coming in.


The reason for that is, that there are separated platform besides YouTube and other social media like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, they are placing their ads on it. And for each thousand views, they generate over the video that you posted on this platform or wherever you're gonna do it, we're gonna cover these together, you get paid. I will even show you the pay out the rates by country. So you see how much money you make when you're in the United States, how much when you're in France, in Germany and so on. Because as I said, this is working worldwide. Now, I'm gonna share now my screen with you so you see exactly what I'm talking about. Let's go here to the incognito mode on YouTube. Now, for example, there are couple of ways how you can find out what is the right video that you wanna share. Of course, you wanna look for something that is already popular, but not too old. That's very important, because old videos tend, they grow, but then when they're getting older, they come to a point where nothing more is happening. So, there is something called trending. Yeah, I don't know why it's showing now in Germany. It means , it's the certain like trending, you go just on trending, click on it, and then you see what are the latest videos on YouTube and here on trends, you can click on it.


And you see, for example, what are the latest trends and how they are performing. Now obviously, because I'm sitting in Monaco, it's showing me here some French videos, but this for example here shows it pretty good. It's 1.1 million views in one single day. So that is trending. You can copy, for example, this video, then place it on some platforms. So for example, let's go into this video. All I'm doing, I'm gonna pause it now so we don't get interrupted. I go home here on Thailand, which is German for share. You copy the link. You copy it, simple. That's it. And then what you wanna do, you're gonna move over to a platform called, adfly is the name. So fortunately, left that's in English, because they switched over the here. And here, you're gonna place your link of the video. Now you see on this platform what they are doing, get paid to share your links on the internet. This is the biggest platform that is doing this. I can tell you, there are around 20 of them that are paying really, really good money, but I'm usually doing these with my links on this platform here, because they have also the best payout rates. And I'm working now on this platform for over a year, and they pay always in time. So no brainer.


So, you have to register for an account and start shrinking. The account is totally free. You don't have any costs or something. You just register yourself. You have your account. So you can start making, earning money, and placing your links before of course. Then get paid for every person who visits your URLs. Place your links on Facebook, Twitter, and more. That's clear. I will show you this in the next step, but here you put the link after you registered, you get a link back and this link event, you're gonna post everywhere. I'm gonna show you to do. So, you start making money. To go to the payout rates we have to scroll down. And then you see here down there, payout rates. We're gonna click on that. And then you're gonna see something very, very interesting. For example, in the United States, you're getting 4,000 views. It's always paid when you have thousand views, then you get money. Is the same like on YouTube. For thousand view, they pay out $64.83 It's crazy. That's a lot of money. Now, Canada, $32, the United Kingdom, $25 then Germany, for example, $46 and so on. So you'll see, you have worldwide the rates for every country where you're based. You just put the information in when you create the link and then you can already see what you're going to make. Now the question will be then, okay, Mario, all sounds great, but who in God's name gonna we'll look the video that I'm posting thousand views. It sounds a lot to me and I'm not sure if that works.


Now, let's go back to YouTube and search for example, one of my favorite platforms is Mr. Beast. Mr. Beast, it's a very, very famous YouTuber and let's check out what he's doing. So for example, he posted this video three days ago and has 24 million views. That's my friends is that social proof that people want to look this video. So simply go to Mr. Beast or other, because most of the guys are doing some gaming videos, but gaming videos I see in a disadvantage because when you post gaming videos you can post them only on gaming forums because most of the times there's a kids and they are not somewhere looking for gaming stuff on Facebook, Instagram, or somewhere. So this is where I see it's a little bit restricted. And a lot of people I know are doing this because they also play Minecraft and all the other things that are so popular at this moment. But not me. I don't have time for gaming. I'm not interested in that. I like it sometimes to watch, but that's not something that I want to post. I want to post it to get the most broad audience possible and this would be for example this because the video says it already itself, make this shot and win $300,000. The crazy clue is this guy's paying really this money out, by the way who don't know Mr. Beast, this is one of the best YouTube on the planet. Money-wise he's somewhere about eight to $10 million per month. That is the money that he's making. It was a sometimes ago per year, but there are so analytics that are doing from this guy is making money with YouTube with his merchandise. He opened already a burger franchise business and many, many many other businesses. This guy is a money machine heads up. I love this guy.


So if you are taking one of these videos which are obviously have the social proof that people are interested in and you post it, you can be sure people want to watch something like this. And this is where I switched back to gaming. When I'm showing a gaming video, even if it's a PlayStation or whatever, nice graphics it has, you have to find people that are interested in gaming. This is something to kill time. So you don't have to think a lot. You don't have now to focus and concentrate because the topic is very heavy. Now it's just entertainment and entertainment is very easy to consume. Everything that is easy to consume get clicks. And therefore I'm using this type of videos to post so I'm generating money. Now to give you an idea, you already saw it in the thumbnail, but I'm posted right now here again, what I'm making with my video as an average per day, between 1,000 to $1,500 I'm doing what the watch time that people are generating and clicking on the videos that I'm posting per day and I think that's good money. The beginning is like always, with every topic that I'm explaining to you guys, always the beginning it's a little bit like bubblegum. It takes a little bit time, but be consistent. My strategy was I was posting every day one single video. I saved, of course the adfly website. I'm getting there my link, posted on social media under a different account, not under my account, I'm using account where totally incognito, nobody knows that's me.


And then, I mean, in Facebook groups, I'm on different forums. And so, for example, when you use this video, make the shot and win 300,000, this guy looks pretty young. He has a basketball in his hand, he's kind of playing. You can go on forums where kids or teenagers over. They will eat this. They will collect the shit out of it, I promise you. Also on Facebook or in groups, Facebook, the people that you know, so if you have 2,000 friends on Facebook, at least two, 300 will look at this because yeah, it's entertaining. And if you don't have, delete them because they're worthless. No, that's a joke. So use Instagram, use Facebook, use Twitter, use every possible social media platform, use Messenger. And that's what you can do. Also a very, very powerful method I'm doing is to do, for example, my Instagram account where I'm putting the link, for example, of this video in my bio. And then I'm posting something that has to do with this also using a totally different account, not my private one. Then I'm saying, okay, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah this, to see the full video to this picture because people like to watch videos, they don't like to watch so much pictures, go to my video. Look the bio and there you see the video. And guess what? Every second or third visitor is going there. Now, if you don't have a lot of people visit in your account I'm suggesting to use to two to $3 per day. That's not going to kill your budget, okay? And advertise this post on Instagram. If you target India, Pakistan, Egypt, all this, they are very, very cheap in links, in visitors, click per view, for example, on Instagram.


And you don't need the people from the United States whereas the most expensive markets to advertise, no, it doesn't matter where they are. They just need to click on this link. So there is tons of it is out there. How to make this for 1 cent, 1 cent per click and you're going to generate your money. And when you start doing consistently every day you're doing one video, you will see how this small snowball will get bigger and bigger and bigger. And for me, it started even, I didn't take care of so much attention to this anymore. I didn't draw attention to this. And after a couple of months, I just see, okay, he's getting bigger now in bigger and bigger because all videos together are generating more and more money and the beauty in this is you're posting this link just one single time. And then you don't have to do anything. This link is forever on the internet. So you are making money in reality for ever. Isn't that wonderful? Of course it is. So that's what I'm suggesting you to do. So I can tell you guys, it's a lot of work doing this here for you and showing you this and it would be really, really nice from you if you give this video a like and subscribe to this channel, because I'm coming for you with a lot of other things, ways to make money online. We are nerds. I'm a nerd. I love to live in the computer. I love the real world also, but here in the computer there is so much money to make in ways you never ever thought that's possible. It's crazy. But it is. And let me just take this white screen away because I get blind. So that's the point. And when I started, I didn't know shit, okay?


But when you're interested, you're connecting with this guy and this guy and this guy and when you're talking to them and see that they are totally from another planet, but when it comes to the internet, you can tell them anything. They know everything. Everywhere where you can make a little bit of money but then altogether you having a five, six, $7,000 income without that you're really working because this what I showed you here takes maybe five, or if you make a big research, 10 minutes of your day and you start making money with it, and look at this, I'm making around 1,000 to 1,500 average per day. That's crazy. That's a lot of money per video, per video. So that is the point. In the beginning I made some videos and I didn't know that the platforms where to put it, so it was not so much, but even if you get $100 per month and you shoot out there 10 videos you're making 1,000 bucks per month for doing exactly nothing. And you will have it constantly for a couple of months until the watch rate is going down. If that's not great, I don't know what's great. But if you want to make a little bit music that's a wonderful way without quitting your job without opening a company or doing some other crazy stuff. If you don't want it, because entrepreneurship is not for everyone, it's sacrificing all day long and still you get the beautiful rain of money. But till this point, it's hard. It's not for everybody. So if you don't want to quit your daily job or you have a small company running, that is something you can do between coffee and the shower. Very simple, if you ask me.


This was it for today, I hope you like it. Enjoy this video, guys. Thank you so much. We have nearly 1,000 followers, that is crazy. After less than, I think we are in week number six, number seven, since this channel exists. Thank you so much for that. Kisses from me, big hugs from me, stay tuned to the next video. We'll bring again music to your pockets. Thank you for watching and I see you at the top. Bye.







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