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10 Highest Paying Jobs from Home 2021/2022.

Updated: Nov 19, 2021

10 Highest Paying Jobs from Home 2021/2022 to Make Money Online.

Hello, guys from Monte Carlo, Monaco. The sun is burning my last brain cells away. But what should I do with summer? One of the reasons, why I'm also posting that ladies because holidays, you know, all that stuff, you know it yourself. Today, I'm gonna cover for you, the 10 highest paying jobs that you can do from home and increase your income significantly. Most of these jobs, I was doing myself. So I can give you a one-to-one insight, how I had success with what was working very well and what was working absolutely not. So let's cover all 10 of them and I can tell you the yes or no. And you decide for yourself, where you see yourself making money online in the future.


Number one, that's the graphic designer. A graphic designer these days where everything is running online and people are making money online is very important. You need to have skills or develop at least the skills to work with Photoshop or similar programs. Every website, every commercial, every ad, everything needs a picture. Picture say more than thousand words, I'm sure you've heard these before. So if you have this skill, you can put it already on the side, and I will make some separate videos of what's very important to know on Photoshop in terms of advertising. So you can push this knowledge a little bit more forward. If you don't know how to work with Photoshop, I suggest highly to start working on it and learn it because it's essential for your future. The possibilities to work with a program like Photoshop or similar things and makes it for you very, very easy to make money. Why?

Most entrepreneurs that are working online need this skill, but they don't have it or don't have time to do it themselves. So they are looking to outsource this over Fiverr platform or so on. And get the things done so it helps them to sell their products online. So you will have tons of possible customers. I explained you then were to get them to make money with it. The income range is around 25 to $40 per hour, which will quickly create 2,500 or even $4,000 per month income for you when you get several companies as your client.


Number two is the web designer. I can't stress enough how important that is. It's obvious. Everybody wants to sell online and make money online. What does he need? He needs a website. So websites are in these days, much, much easier to do than when I started. When I started was only WordPress and working with WordPress is pain in the ass. You need to know coding and if something happens on the side, you have to find a mistake. You need to go through endless of codes. And we have also the problem with WordPress, that the mobile version is most of the time, very bad. It sucks. What I have done is I'm working with Wix. Wix to me is the best platform ever because one of the major things that you can do, you can start working with Wix today without paying for it. There is a free version where you can develop some skills to learn how a website is build with Wix, how all these features and quirks are going? And of this way, you can learn how to create a website with Wix. Now you will say, "Mario, when is that easy? How can I make money with this when everybody can do it?" Yes, but please don't forget. Entrepreneurs are super busy to find clients. It's not that easy getting clients, even if you sell online. And if you make money online, it's very difficult to get the customers these days because so many are making mistakes. Now, when you are fighting to get a customer and paying your bills and everything, all the other expenses that you have. You cannot sit here and create a website, and work on some details and so on. That's why so many websites suck. When you go online and look at the main companies, they have all beautiful websites. Because they have tons of employees, but some small companies, they really struggle to do it. And here is your chance. Web design is usually charged between $2,000 and $5,000 per project. So more significant sites also need a web shop with some subscriber and all this stuff. And they pay up to $20,000 for the project. Never sell yourself less than what you're worth. And believe me, website design is something, I made a lot of money with it and you can do it for sure too.


Number three, this is the video editor. The most important, if you ask me. Why? Video editing is a very, very difficult. I had to learn it myself and I was sitting months on it. It's it looks like easy peasy in the beginning. Cutting, making the sound, sound effects and so on. Making a cinematic video that represents a brand, that creates some mood that creates some feeling which connects the customer to the product. It's very difficult. You need to get a lot of practice. Once you have it, people will fight getting a good guy that is also affordable. Now, of course you don't charge on your first project endless money. Work yourself up, important is to get the first, the second, and the third client and start the wheel spinning. And you will see, one after the other is coming because you have already something to show what you have done in the past. Now, why is that so important? It is really important to me because, you know, imagine you have a shop in Miami, Florida, and you want to sell to a customer in Los Angeles, California. Do you really think that the guy from California will travel all over to Miami to see the product? No, of course not. So you need to show it to your client in the best way possible. And until they invent something different than video, video is the number one way to do it. So a product video or an explanation video, or a tutorial how to use the product or the service. This is exactly what you need. And this is where you can fish online and make money online. Very easy. Payments range between $15 and $40 per hour, bringing you quickly $2,000 and up to $8,000 per project.


Number four, this is the author. Stop here. I think this is something you should not do. I will anyway bring it, so you understand it because maybe this is exactly your profession, but let me explain. Writing a book and selling it online, it's a lot of time that you need and it's time-consuming. You need to write it. You need to find somebody that will publish it. You need them to advertise it and sell it. It's a long way until you see some music. Being an author is a very nice thing to do, but we're speaking here how you can make easy money online. So that's not what I'm recommending because you will work for one year, maybe longer until you maybe see some first money. So if you asked me, I wouldn't do it. But if that's your profession, then go ahead. Because then you know what is exactly needed to be done. So you can make some money online.


Number five is copywriting. It's super important. Every website needs this. Every product needs this. But let me clarify, what's copywriting? Copywriting is something where I made a lot of money because when you go in for example, on the website, the first page, the landing page, if you want, if you come there, it must say something to the customer. So on one hand, you have the pictures that are speaking more than thousand words. We've covered it before. But on the other side, you have also the content, the text inside that is describing on the first page normally the brand. Who are you? What you standing for? What problem are you solving? So if you can go then deeper into the product pages, it should describe not only a product in a technical way because that's also important. But you have to give your customer the idea, why he needs this? For example, if I'm speaking for one of my companies like LOMA Wheels and we're making some custom wheels. You're buying for example, a new Lamborghini, you already have nice wheels. So the customer is not happy with the design. Now, I have to give him the idea why my product will solve the problem that he had. The problem is not that he cannot drive. He wants something special, something unique, something luxurious, something that this place him and his personality the best. This is solving the problem. And this, you can explain best when you write the content as a copywriter in very specific way. If you convinced the company to write one blog post per week. First of all, they will benefit from the SEO. Secondly, in a blog post, you can very, very nice describe a product or service or the brand itself for what it's standing for without hard selling, right? So this is a very good start. Once you have three, four, five companies that make one blog post per week with you. You have something to show and your income is increasing.


Number six, that's the ads manager, very important. Nearly, every company is advertising on Facebook or they advertising on Instagram, or they advertising with Google ads, whatever they are doing. Most of the time, they don't know what they're doing. So helping them achieving the biggest goal or achieving more results for the least investment of money. That's what they're looking for. You should know what you're doing yourself because being an ad manager is absolutely not easy. If you play a little bit with that around, it's also no super big science. So you can make very, very good money with that. Typically, ad managers charge around $300 to $2,500 per month, depending on how big the project and the monitoring must be. So you can get with a couple of clients, quickly five figures. The key here is a recommendation from one happy client. And believe me, you will get it. Nothing better than a happy entrepreneur.


Number seven, that's the editor. A editor is simply a person that is going through content on websites or on catalogs or similar, and checking the content that already exists. Searching from some nonsense or something that can be written better. Something, that does not really display the brand's message or explains the product or service in the way that it should be. Very important. Because believe me, 90% of the entrepreneurs are writing the content themselves. And this is the biggest mistake what they're doing. The mistake in this is, that an entrepreneur is looking at their service or product from his point of view. Because he has all the pain in his head, "How long was the wait until I have this in my hands?" So he's not writing this from an outside point of view. And that's why I always recommend to let somebody writes the content for you and not do it yourself. Usually, small entrepreneurs are saving money on the wrong points. So that's why they're writing this themselves. You can charge for this service around 20 to $30 per hour. And believe me, if you pushed into a little bit, it's easy to get 15, 20 companies per month. Having a nice and decent income is exactly what you're looking for.


The number eight, that's the membership site creator. What the heck is that? This is a person that creates a website with some subscription models. So let's say, for example, you have a cooking site and you want people to visit your site, but also subscribe and be updated every week with some new videos, new recipes and so on. So you can create some subscriptions and people subscribe. Pay for so certain content, and this is a membership site creator. This is something that is very difficult to program even on Wix. And it needs a certain amount of experience and knowledge to do. You can make $1,000 and up to $20,000 per month. If you create such a site your own.


Number nine, it's the Amazon seller. I made a specific video on this topic, and I don't want to go too deep into this. Let's say so much. If you are reselling products from others, you can make money on Amazon as a reseller. If you create your own products, I highly suggest not to sell it on Amazon because Amazon will rip you off and kick you out of business in less than six months. If you want to know more on this topic, check the description below. I have posted the link. You can see the video on Amazon selling and what is the pros and the cons.


Last but not least, is affiliate marketing. That's our point, number 10. On the website, on YouTube, on Facebook, on Instagram, nearly everywhere. You can post your affiliate marketing link. You can make tons of money, and you are using one very important point. And this is, you are using existing products and existing audience within existing brands from others. Just displaying it with interesting content. So people click on it and if they buy, you're gonna make some music. Affiliate marketing is an excellent way to create independent income source. Still, you need to have a good running website or YouTube channel to make it work. Usually, you earn around the $150 up to $400 per day, depending on the niche that you are serving.

That's it for today, guys. I hope you liked the content that brought to you. It's based on my experience, that I have done in many, many years. I made some good money with it. You will not be a millionaire with it, but you have a decent income. Change your life to the better and start building your pyramid of wealth. Please SUBSCRIBE to my channel. Hit the like button. Don't forget to hit the notification bell. And I see you at the top. Thank you very much for watching. That's it.

10 Highest Paying Jobs from Home 2021/2022.

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