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Welcome to 5 ways to grow your brand in 2021. Bevor we get started with 5 ways to grow your brand in 2021, I want to encourage you also to watch the video shown here; in case you don't want to read, you can lean back and watch the same content on my latest YouTube creation.

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Welcome to the Business life Hacks. I am so fired up for this session. We will be talking today about 5 ways to grow your brand in 2021, and I want you to imagine while we are talking about how you will grow your brand in 2021. If you are fired up too for this session, smash the like button, and we gonna go straight into this.

Hi, you little chocolate bunnies, my name is Mario from business life hacks, and I have created over 23 brands in the last 13 years. Some of them are generating millions of dollars per year. Today I will show you 5 ways to grow your brand in 2021. I am Mario from Business Life Hacks, and I am a Serial Entrepreneur and Private Investor and my tips and tricks will help you grow your own brand like nothing else. At the end of the Blog, I will give you, as usual, a bonus.

Let's get started:



When I am sitting with Entrepreneurs at the table to discuss their investment needs and if I, as a private investor, fit in with my expertise, 99% of the time, they have a company valuation beyond any reality. When I ask them, “how do you come to this valuation?” I hear most of the time, “well, we are a brand and…” STOP right here:

Just because you have a Logo and you see yourself as the new Mark Zuckerberg does not mean that the customer sees this the same way. Get this in your head: ONLY the customer declares you as a brand or not. If they buy like crazy and start making videos and channels of your brand and product, then you can say you are on the way to becoming a brand. Till this point, you are just a company. Understanding this will help you take the proper steps to become a mega brand.


Another point that I see is that people often do not understand what a brand is. A brand is a company that stands for a specific value or message that separates it from others. People often give here the example of Steve Jobs and Apple, but I think that is wrong. Steve was a crazy Motherfucker, which separated him from the pack. Let me give you an example that you will maybe understand easier: Back in the days when Jack Chan entered the scene of Kung Fu movies, he was working for Bruce Lee as a stunt man and background actor. He always knew he wants to be a movie star himself, but HOW to compete with Bruce fucking Lee? If he did the same films as Bruce Lee, he would have to live constantly because people will compare him to the Phenom Lee, so he knew he needs something else.

This is how Kung Fu comedy movies were born. He created his own niche and dominated it till today. While in the classical film, the training was all about hitting wood and fighting styles. We watched him getting punished with funny workout methods by his master. You could not resist but feel with him how this damn old bastard tormented him. Today, nobody would ever try to compete with Jacky Chan in Kung Fu Comedy as they would always be compared to him. He did the same as Bruce Lee did. Now all you have to do is, find a way to do whatever all the others are doing in your niche or industry and create a unique way of showing it. Remember, as crazier, the better.


The wide belief a brand starts with a logo is true, but that is faaaar not enough. I know that you know, but do you understand why? While every company on the planet has a logo, please understand what this logo stands for. You see it yourself. Maybe your company has a fantastic-looking logo, but it does not take off, so you can go to your local Rolls Royce dealership to order a car. I know, most of you would answer now, well I don’t have enough money to advertise and get known but let me tell you something. Over 62% of entrepreneurs that I am talking to for private investment show me hundreds of thousands that they have spent on advertising and STILL didn’t take off. Yes, they make millions, but they also spend millions.

So what is the secrete? The secret is that they are missing the link to connecting the end customer emotionally with their brand. You must have a short and in the second recognizable message. Maybe adventure, or racing, or technology or similar, but your customer must-see in the second, yes that could be me!


An essential point is to be consistent on every platform your brand is visible. If that is YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, or your Website. To get in the head of your customers, you need to repeat it over and over and over again. Do never ever change the logo. It sounds weird, but you as an entrepreneur will have times where you will think to change the logo as you don’t like it anymore or do not run as planned. Don’t do that! Change everything around it, but stay consistent.


If you look at the big brands, you will see that most of them exist for over 100 years, sometimes even longer. From time to time, you see some brands popping up and being super fresh, but they disappear as fast as they appeared in the first place. Understand that branding needs time.


As promised, here is my bonus that will help you boost your brand to the next level. A secret all successful entrepreneurs know and execute is not being overly busy. What do I mean by that? It does not help you and your company sit in front of your computer waiting for a customer to call or inquire. It does not help change your website's design for the 5th time.

Instead, see the time where the business is quiet as an opportunity to learn something new like how to use photoshop, edit a video, and become a great copywriter so you can describe your service or product in a totally different way than you do now. Use the time for workouts, even short ones. A study from MIT showed that probands that sit all day on the computer and learn or work and those that do a 20 min workout in between have a 37% increase in workflow and creativity. You need to step away from the computer to see the whole picture.

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See you soon!

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