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Updated: Dec 3, 2021


What is the best eCommerce Website to start making money?

You have many eCommerce websites on the internet to choose from, but which one is the right platform for you? Today, I will give you my honest opinion on what I think is the best eCommerce website to start and make money from home.

First and foremost, for me is the most essential thing usability and price. When it comes to usability, then WordPress is out of the game. WordPress is simply not for people that never worked on a computer or using it only to send emails. Besides that, coding and HTML are nearly a must when it comes to this platform, you have to install for everything Plugins to get things done, and precisely here, it gets weird. Why? Because the WordPress platform is offered like any other eCommerce or website platform, young and established programmers have the possibility to provide their apps so people can download them. Most of them are free, and some need to be paid.

Here is the first problem you will run into with a free WordPress Plugin. They are complimentary because the app developers are using you as a test person to see the usability and get some free ratings before they launch a paid version. This means that you get a fraction of the usage and tons of bugs with it. I experienced, for example, total shutdowns of the complete WordPress website just because I installed a new Plugin that did not work in harmony with the rest of the system. Now imagine you have around 30-50 Plugins on the site, and out of nowhere, your site is showing a totally different layout or is not working at all anymore. Not really what you want, I guess.

What is the best eCommerce Website to start making money?

What About Wix eCommerce Websites?

After 2 years of WordPress, I decided to create something more visual and accessible because my users eat with the eye first, right? Wrong. When Wix started, it was a drag and drop website that gave you the possibility to look fancy, but in terms of being found on the web, they were nowhere.

The good news is that it changed drastically. Wix is, in my opinion, the best eCommerce Website on the market for several reasons. First, you have unlimited bandwidth for uploads like videos and pictures. Even if you are new to the world wide web, you should understand that visuals are the most essential tool you can use. On WordPress or other platforms, you have to pay extra for this service. We want to work as efficiently as possible and with the lowest cost possible.

Another crucial point to me is that you are running basically 3 platforms: 1) a website, 2) a blog, and 3) an eCommerce shop, and the best of all is, everything is compressed on one single site. So if you are planning to step into the future of making money from home or start your own small business that you can run from home, this is the best way to Go.

Incredible FREE Wix tools to analyze your traffic.

One of my favorites that will help you grow your eCommerce website business is the traffic overview of your Wix website. Not only that you see from where users are visiting you, but you also can create now a strategy how to reach those countries that are important to you and are not so often coming to your eCommerce Website or, you can simply push even harder in those countries with offers and discounts that are on the first 3 places when it comes to visits. Think, for example, on Black Friday Sales.

Wix Apps that work for your eCommerce Website!

Wix Apps that work for your eCommerce Website!

Just as on WordPress, you have on Wix also a endless filled App-store with helpful applications that will help you achieve your goals faster, but with a huge difference: they all work properly.

The reason for this is, that Wix is monitoring constantly their partners and the Wix support service will help you in no-time to solve a problem or guide you with a step-by-step tutorial in real-time what needs to be done. That is what I meant with usability. If you run into a problem with WordPress, you can only turn on YouTube and HOPE that someone was making a video on how to solve this problem.

Talkin about YouTube. Dont forget to visit my YouTube Channel and to SUBSCRIBE, because it is the fastest-growing eCommerce channel on the net, and I bring you tons of free content that advise you how to start and run a business and how to make money online. COMMENT by asking questions, and I will answer them and make things more transparent for you.

Thank you very much for reading and I see you at the top!


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