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How to Cut Years into Months to Get Rich.

This is what we're gonna cover today and you will be surprised, it's not that difficult, you just need to follow a certain plan, a guidance if you want and you will make it. Don't believe for one second it's pure luck, no, it's a strategy. Every millionaire on the planet knows what steps he needs to follow to create a million dollar within one year, beyond that it's just up to you because the sky is the limit. But this first million is the most difficult one because you're missing the basics and you don't know what to do. I will tell you in this video, 15 steps you can follow step by step and you will have $1 million within one year. Be sure to watch the whole video because you have to apply each single step that I'm presenting you here, let's get started.

Hello guys, my name is Mario from Follow the Money. I'm a serial entrepreneur, I own already 24 brands and 24 companies that are making millions of revenues every month. And I'm applying this, what I'm telling you right now here in each single of my companies. Now, the first step that you have to do is you have to create a company besides your daily job. So if you are working in a company for somebody else or you're running a small company but you don't have this results that you expect from yourself, keep it running, don't terminate that, it's not necessary. You can build the strategy I'm giving you right now here just beside that. With the step number two, it's very important that you invest all the money that you're making. It doesn't really matter if that's a small amount in the beginning, but use this money and invested it in ads. Probably I would use Facebook ads. The reason for Facebook ads is parents are sitting on Facebook and as I always say, the children of them, the small children without music, they are scrolling on Instagram with this couple of adults, screw them all, there is no money there except you are sitting in the USA, then you can make also money on Instagram. But this is a general video for the whole planet, so I'm not assuming every one of you guys watching is sitting in America, that's why keep Instagram on the side and just follow this one. Use Facebook ads to get the audience you need so you start building up. Number three, once this company creates $5,000 per month you still take this 5,000 and invest in ads. You are not taking any money out in the beginning, you're just reinvesting over and over again in advertising. But now you have to create company number two, once your second company is open, your first company is already on about 5,000 per month and the new company that you're doing is you are starting just the same thing that you have done with company number one. So everything that comes in, it doesn't matter how small this amount is, you're investing in Facebook ads, so you're getting an audience and people are aware you are here. Again, invest everything you have in Facebook ads in the beginning, no Google ads because they are too expensive for you in the beginning. And no Instagram ads, that's wasted money. You cannot live from likes that people are giving you, this is not how bills get paid. You need to get the real customers with jingi janggi's. Once the second company reaches $5,000 per month, which are very small amounts, you can get these really quickly unless you're selling something for 50 cents per item. If you have this idea, screw it, you're never ever gonna make money with that. I spoke about this in my previous videos, where you are making a good amount of money for yourself. Sell something with a certain value so the commission that you are making is. So the commission that you are making is something that you can feel, understand? So once the second company makes $5,000, more or less, your first company should be now somewhere about eight to $12,000 per month. Still don't touch the money, just act as you never ever saw 1 cent of it, don't use it and spend it and buy a Mercedes AMG on a lease, don't do these things yet. Take all of this money and reinvest it in ads. Now you are on the path to invest in Google ads. Invest in Google ads to get your YouTube videos out, invest in Google ads to promote your blogs or whatever, but still also place your ads on Facebook. Now, once this is done, you are coming to step number seven, repeat the same process like on number three, create another company, the company number three and do the same process over and over again. Once your third company is making $5,000 per month, your first company should be now somewhere between 12 to $15,000 turnaround per month, still use all of this money, reinvest it in ads, spread it a little bit, but what you need to do right now so you understand better why not touching the money why not investing in crazy things, you need to invest in advertising that people know you are alive, you are doing exactly this. And you can then start separating yourself from the competition that are doing exactly the same. Now what you have as an advantage against your competition is, that you are investing a lot of money in advertising. What you are doing is, you are building a small snowball that will turn by time into an avalanche. So you need to take all of this momentum and build your companies. So always reinvest, reinvest and build, build, build, build. The big secret here is, as more money you make, the more money you take and put in advertising. That's a huge secret, the biggest mistake young entrepreneurs are doing is, money is coming in and they start spending money on nice watches, nice cars, nice lifestyle, you can do this but not in the beginning. First, you need to be sure that this money stream that you're creating is not ending, it must be always here, so you create this little wealth bubble for yourself and you start expanding it until it grows to a certain point where it cannot explode anymore and you be sure every single month the money stream is coming in. Number 10 it's just a simple question, why? And this is answered with number 11 because your strategy is right now to double the money on advertising. You need to build a huge, huge stream in advertising with the money that is coming in. So you're boosting yourself and your company to the next level. And when I say next level I don't mean this one. You're pushing yourself like this, in the beginning it will start working like this, but then after a couple of weeks, you will start making huge steps forward, believe me I did the same. Number 12, don't quit your daily job or small company that you're running. Still keep this on the side to have a security, if ever something crazy is happening, you still be there where you started. So what did you lose? Nothing. Number 13, with this ads, you will create a pool on customers, on interested people in what you're doing. All you have to do right now is to learn how to close as much as possible. I'm personally that good as I'm learning over the years the skills to do it, I'm closing nine out of 10 people, which is huge. Don't target this number in beginning, it's impossible. When I started, I was somewhere about two to three customers out of 10 to close. That's pretty normal, it's not that good, but you're not born as a master, mastering these things needs practice. How to close people easy, fast and with a high percentage. Just check out one of my other videos, it's not that complicated once you understand the basics. Number 14, be patient. In the beginning, it will be really slow, but once it starts to take momentum it will start getting bigger and bigger and bigger and the money will come in faster, faster and faster. Until this point, you don't have to lose your nerves, and very important, once you've come to this point where the money's coming in, where you ask yourself, how in hells name is this possible? Don't touch it, reinvest, reinvest, and again, reinvest. Step number 15 is, once you see that the companies are pretty stable in making their money, put them on the side and hire somebody that will run the company for you with your guidance. So you sit with him, I would say in the beginning three times a week and you're telling him how you came to this point without giving all the secrets, but you're telling him what you're expecting from him, what is exactly his job, what he needs to do, so you can focus on starting the same things again at square one. Do this and you will see after a short time, you are make him so much money beyond your wildest dreams. This is no magic, this is no fairytale, this is simple math, you just have to have the discipline to not take the money and start buying fancy stuff. I'm telling you something, when I was coming to a Monaco four years ago I already was pretty wealthy, not that much like today, far away, but I had a very good life. But I didn't buy myself a great car or somethings to show now off, I'm living in an area where people are fucking rich, what should I show off? With a car? They're having airplanes in copters, hello. I bought myself a Fiat 500, an Abarth, was a funny little ball of four wheels and I was driving with this around. I was getting, I was disciplining myself to keep the money together and investing, investing, investing, investing. It's like when you're playing a computer game, you don't start to make some war with other nations until your Fort is built or the, whatever you're building there. So you need to have resources to invest and you need to make them a self spinning wheels. I call this money stream. Money streams are very easy, they need to just to be fed with advertising, but their right advertising, screw Instagram. There is no chance for you to make money there, even in the United States of America, only a handful of people are able to make money on Instagram. Why? Because Instagram was built as a platform for young people that did not want to participate on Facebook. They didn't want to be on Facebook because their parents are there. They don't want that their parents are watching what they're doing all day long. So some guys came to the idea, let's build something on Instagram so the young people can be there and they don't have to have a lot of interaction. It's like this stupidity, oh just this, just this, and there's nothing more that you can do there. You can show off, it's nice if you're a pretty girl with big boobs, then you can have their great interaction. If you want to sell a service or products, don't use Instagram, it's senseless, its just wasting money. You are showing off to 12 year old boys, no money there, believe me. That's why just follow the guidance that I gave you, there are 15 steps you have to do. It works no matter if you want to produce shoes, if you're making an ebook or whatever, it works always the same. Okay guys, I hope you like this video. Please give this video a like, subscribe to my channel so you don't miss any of my future videos. Thank you very much for watching and I'll see you next time.

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