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Updated: Dec 2, 2021

How to get a AUTO LOAN bad credit INSTANT APPROVAL?

You want to know how to get a car loan with a bad credit score because your financial situation changed to the better, but no bank is willing to approve? Well, I have a solution for you that will surprise you because even if you have filed for bankruptcy, I will show you a bulletproof method to get the car you want or need. If you want to know how to get a loan for bad credit, please check out this link.

We will cover today following topics so you get a much better understanding on:

  • how to fix a bad credit score

  • how to get a bad credit score

  • what happens if you have a bad credit score

  • bad credit score credit cards

  • is 550 a bad credit score

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Many people do not understand why someone should want an expensive car when he is tight on money or had financial problems in the past. The answer is an easy one. Customers and small business owners are judging you and what they can see. You can come up with whatever story you have, but those two groups care only about what you can prove, and in the best case, you should put it right in front of their nose. This will help you get back in business and create a reputation, but don't expect them to like you more than before unless you follow my negotiation YouTube videos and offer them something they can also benefit from. Saying that, make sure to SUBSCRIBE to my Youtube channel and get tons of free advice on how to move your small business to the next level.

Thinking how to fix your bad credit score?

It was back in 2008 when the financial crisis hit me, and I lost everything. While trying to recover from my financial disaster, I had to start at square one and start selling from door to door as back in 2009/2010 where eCommerce side hustle ideas in its child shoes and not that developed as it is today. One thing you learn quickly when you deal with small business owners is that 99% of them are fighting daily to make money to pay their debt and their incoming bills. The last thing they want to hear is your story on how you will change the world with this new idea.

One thing though they are interested in is, seeing the proof that you drive a better car than they do or at least the same class, and you have the idea of working together with them by implementing them into your network. They are seeking for help without saying it unless they start trusting you, and they trust only what they see. So if you pop up in a Bentley GT or Mercedes S-Coupe, you can be sure that they will listen to what you have to say, promised. It is crucial that you invest in yourself first when you want to get back in business, and one of the most effective ways is a luxury car.

So it is important what you drive and what you wear, but how to get the car with bad credit on your record?

Easy, I made this a couple of times and just do as I tell you here, and soon you will drive your luxury car to get back in business.

Fix your bad credit score with this bulletproof method.

Here are the steps how to do it:

Search on car sites of luxury sedans or luxury coupes between $20,000 to $50,000 depending on how much your budget per month allows you to pay.

You can speak directly with Audi, BMW, or Mercedes dealerships or find a car dealer that carries many different pre-owned brands. Some cars on the market like the Audi A8, or BMW 7, or Mercedes S-Class are losing a lot of value each year, although they are really luxurious cars. Not one of the mentioned car dealers has the idea of watching their vehicles standing in the car lot and losing value every single day, and when the end of the year comes closer, their desperation increases dramatically.

Go talk with them, but DONT ask them for a loan or finance, as your bad credit score will get a clear NO. Also, don't offer them to make a down-payment, and you pay them monthly until the car is yours as they will say again No because that is against the law. Back in 90's the banks and their lobby system implemented in the Western world a system that forbids everyone to give a loan or finance without being an official finance institute. That's not only unfair but drives me crazy as well as if we want to talk about unfair advantages in this business, this would be one, but that's a topic for another video.

However, what you can do and what is legally possible and very common is to ask for a rental contract with the possibility to pay out the car at the end of the contract. So let me give you an example of how this can look like.

Is 550 a bad credit score?

Let us say your favorite car costs $50,000, and you can pay $1,000 per month. Simply negotiate a rental contract of 36 months. This will be $36,000, and the 37th payment will be the balance of $14,000. This means you bought the car officially for $14,000 after 3 years, and no bank can file a lawsuit against the car dealership for a hidden loan. In some countries, long-term rental contracts are also against the law, and you can do them for a maximum of 12 months, like in Germany, France, or Spain, but then do the following. Make a contract that you will have the car for 36 months and that you will pay the balance with the 37th payment. This you do for your own safety, so the dealer can not change his mind and end the contract for whatever reason after 12 months. Get official yearly agreements of $1,000 per month, and you have at the Principe the same structure as with one contract over 3 years.

The great thing here is that many car dealers will say Yes because they can book the car's total price into the books as sold. In the case that you have a yearly contract, they will book a whole year which is better than writing a loss. They will register the car on their company and give you the rental-buy contract so you can drive it legally. Another great thing is, they will have their name in the car papers, so if you don't buy the car and they have to take it back, the name Audi, BMW, or Mercedes will appear, and this is far easier to sell to customers then cars with private owners. You get the idea.

Usually, I contacted 5-8 car dealerships and was receiving from m 20-30 from an offer to make a deal. It is up to you then which agreement you will accept and what payment structures fit you best.

In some cases, I was offered cars from BMW and Audi where they say, sorry we don't have an A8 for you but this beautiful A7 or A6. However, there is another option you can choose from.

How to get a bad credit score?

Another great point is usually, you will have banks or other institutions running behind you to take money or other stuff from your apartment to clear the open balance you owe them. If you buy a car that's yours, they will see it, and it will be sooner gone than you can say I wish. If you make this rental contract with the option to buy the car, you are not owning the car, and nobody can say a single word against it. You will have full 3 years to recover financially and clear the past as well as possible.

Please make sure not to take the most expensive car they have and get so the highest payment possible because you should recover from hard times and start a suicide mission. You can switch the vehicle because of the rental contract at any time with the car dealer.

Thank you very much for reading, and I'll see you at the Top!






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