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How to get Monetized on YouTube in Record Time.

Updated: Nov 19, 2021

Legal YouTube Monetization (UNDER 2 WEEKS).

How to get Monetized on YouTube in Record Time and start a new stream of income is what this video is all about. Please watch it to the end, so you will avoid making the same mistakes I have made.

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⏹ 🎞 TIMELINE for how to get monetized on YouTube in record time 🎞 ⏹

0:00 I am Monetized Yeeeeaah

0:05 How to get monetized on YouTube in record time

0:30 What actually happened

0:50 The Idea

01:23 The first step I made

01:46 What you need to know

02:36 The moment I found out, I was screwed

03:37 Me freaking out!

04:07 Recalibrating my mind

04:25 My Brilliant Idea...

04:44 Identifying the money topics

05:01 The Magic contact

06:16 The Explosion

06:53 GOAL reached after 2 weeks


08:20 How vidIQ helped me

09:08 Thinking out of the box

VISIT @vidIQ to learn everything about your YouTube Channel and how to grow it.

I'm monetized, Yeeeah! Hi guys, from Monte Carlo, cloudy day today, but I need to make this video because I want to share with you my strategy, how I get monetized. It took me a while because I make some mistake and that's why I'm making this video here, and I hope that you don't do the same one. So, when I started the YouTube channel, like everyone else, I wanted to get monetized and get at least a little bit back for the work that I'm putting in and some money with it. That's one of the idea from a YouTube creator, right? So, there is no insurance for this, and you can't call a lawyer and sue somebody or similar, just because you don't get monetized. There are some certain rules you have to follow. And I told you what I have done and what was not working, what you should avoid. And what was working very well, and I was monetized in record time.

Obviously, the first thing I have done is I was using Google Ads. Google Ads was a very good idea. I was spending about $40 a day to advertise my videos and the channel, and I had some great success. I had between 100 to 120,000 impressions a day, which is, I think, a lot. And, it helped me gain the subscribers very fast. The 1000 subscribers, by the way, for those that don't know, to be accepted in the YouTube program, you need 1000 subscribers in 4,000 hours of watch time, within 12 months. If you don't achieve this, you have to start from scratch. So, the 1000 subscribers, I think, I hit off the two, two and a half weeks, maybe three, I don't know, but not much longer. So, that was very fast. I didn't expect that it will go that fast. And, I was very surprised. When it comes to the watch hours, it was a little bit different. So, I gained the watch hours also pretty fast. It was about five to six weeks. And then when I have the message, "You reach the goal. You have the 4,000 watch hours. You have the 1000 subscribers, you can apply to YouTube's partner program."

The next day was the big shock, because I was opening the program, I was going to the YouTube studio, and what I saw was shocking. All was gone. I was left with 32 watch hours, instead of over 4,000. And the reason for this was, that I did not notice it, that watch hours gained through a Google AdSense were not allowed. They don't allow this. So, you can advertise for your channel. You can advertise to get some subscribers and views on your video, but they don't count watch hours, so you can apply for YouTube partner program. While you say, Okay, Mario, how did you know that before? Well, I was searching all on the side. I was reading, I was doing my research as usual, but this one is so small, written that you really have to be aware that this exists to find it. I'm not sure why they are doing this, but yeah, big depression started because I fall down to 32 hours. I was back on square one. I was depressed. I have to say it, after the depression was the aggression. I wanted to break everything over there because I was so upset about Google. I was freaking out. You can believe me this. I was really upset. So, I mean, not only that I lost about $3,000 on advertising. I have to start at square one. This was not the idea. So, I took a one day off, try to recalibrate my mind, my body and my mood, to see what can I do to reach this requirements that are pretty hard to get, to be honest, very fast. So, I was thinking, and then I had a brilliant idea. So, I sat down and started thinking, what can I do to reach the 4,000 watch hours? The idea I had was to sit down and do my due diligence and find every forum on the planet that is related to the topics I'm doing. So, making money, online insurance, a mortgage on houses, loans, credits, financial stuff, growth, business, all of that things that I'm doing now, I was doing that. And so, I sit down and wrote the list. I put, I think over 200 forums together and start contacting them. I asked them if they will be able to publish one of my videos without that I'm posting it as a member in the forum, because it will disappear somewhere in the forums, nirvana, right? So, as I started contacting them and offered them 50 bucks, if they post my video and I reach 1000 views on this video, If I reached 10,000 views in the video, I will give them 200 bucks and so on, because I was using simply the advertising money I used for a Google ads and offered this to the forums. So what happened was, is that many of them did not wrote me back. I didn't have any message. I'm not sure if they didn't saw the message. If it was somewhere in the spam account or something, or they simply was not interested, but many of them did. And this was the game changer. So, I can tell you about 80% of them didn't want any money. There was just a fascinating of the idea that somebody came up with an idea like this and offering it this way and trying to grow this channel. Because of course I was offering, once the challenge gets popular, I won't forget all of them. And then I'll mention them, then put the link below in the description to the forums, right? So, what exactly happened? It was an explosion. I had the first video with 40,000 views in no time, I think less than a week. And all of this views, we're counting as watch time. This was the great news. Now, I felt okay. It was working one time. It has to work another time. And so, I did it again and again, and again. Then, I started to choose the forums depending on the language and the country. So, I started to narrow it down and it's working very, very well. Now, the channel is making so much interaction with others that, yeah, I'm really speechless. And, I reached the amount of watch hours within two weeks after Dante's was dropping down. And after I was at square one, I reached all of them in around two weeks. What I want to show you with that, it's very simple. I want to show you that you don't need to cheat. You don't need to trick the system. I think it's very stupid. You don't want to mess up with the most sophisticated algorithm on the planet, which is the one from YouTube. It's not something like an Instagram where you buying some, some likes or some views. And nobody cares because they, their action with the post and Instagram are totally different than on YouTube. On YouTube, there are so many things that they considered. First of all, you don't have that much impressions, which means YouTube is not showing your content to others. And if they do, they start with a very small amount to see how the people react in that, will they like it? Will they comment? Will they look the next video from you? How long they stay on the video and so on and so forth, and tricking the system, you know, it's against my nature. This is what I don't want. I was able to get 1.3 million fans on Facebook, which took me a decade. It was a long, long time, but I didn't have a clue what I'm doing. It was more guessing than knowing what I'm doing. Because back in the days, nobody was there to tell you, do ABC, and you will reach a goal, right? So on YouTube, these days is different. There are many, many good channels that I love, like VidIQ, for example. These were the first channel that I was looking for before I started my channel. And I highly can recommend them to you because find the link below, direct to the channel.

If you want to start your YouTube channel and eventually make one day a little bit of money with it, this is the place you have to go because they are teaching so many nice things that will help you grow your channel and get started. What you can ask more than somebody is here that is advising you, do this steps. They care about this, consider this. And then, from there you get started and you grow your own channel. I love it. Thank you very much guys, VidIQ, you was helping me a lot and yeah, I'm just pushing now forward. Then let's see how far it will come with that. But however, what is very important for me to show you with this one here, is not only that I'm happy to be monetized and accepted in the partner program, which means I'm employed by Google. Damn it. I never have to say anything bad about AdSense because they will kick my ass. However, the good thing in that, that the AdSense strategy didn't work out as expected was, or is that it was forcing me to think in a different way to think outside of the box. I would never have the idea.

I believe that to contact any forums or to post my videos. So, I get some interaction and get some views. And I got tons of subscribers in a short time. I gained over 6,000 subscribers. And with the funny thing is you can see on every video, when you go to the analytics, how much subscribers this particular video gained. And then some of them is beyond 500. That's crazy. I never expected that. So, you're thinking how to get subscribers, make good videos, post them on relevant sites. And the subscribers will come from itself. Not everybody will like your content, but some of them, and so, your gain piece by piece, more and more subscribers in your channel is growing. Still, I'm suggesting follow the most important channels. As I said, be like VidIQ, for example, it's in the description below, click on it, visit their channel. You will learn a lot how to do or what to do in the very beginning. So, you make the right steps and you don't lose too much time. Guys, thank you very much for watching, subscribe to my channel. If you didn't already hit the like button and hit the notification bell, so you don't miss any of my future videos. Peace out.

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