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How to make money online.


How to make money online easy and fast to reach your goals is the most common question nowadays. To learn how to make money online, you have to dig a bit deeper. In my 13 years as an entrepreneur and investor, I have learned that there is far more than just this one thing you have to do to make money online. The good news is, those skills are not so difficult to learn.

I get asked if I can recommend a specific app to get money fast or the best ways to make money with another app? The question in itself is wrong. Of course, there are endless apps where you will be able to make money but are the amounts significant in terms of, can I change my life financially for the better? I highly doubt this because I have tried them all.

Let's be honest, you are looking for an easy way to earn money or the best way to get paid online; in short, you are looking for a shortcut. There are a couple of them, but you will fail without applying the basics to your strategy. You have to master the Paradox first. Don't know what I mean? Let's dig deeper into this by giving you an example.


You are sitting in a fancy restaurant with your partner and talking about business, and the waiter comes and asks you guys what you want to drink and maybe eat. While you order your drinks, the waiter is looking at you and thinks, " I wish I would be him and have this nice watch and his Lamborghini...". So he is unhappy because he can not afford what you have. You, on the other side, have different wishes. While you now have most of the things you always dreamed of, you are telling your partner on the other side of the table while waiting on the drinks how you wish you would have more time, for you, your family and maybe your hobbies. So you are unhappy too because you are working so much that you don't have enough time for yourself. You are trained all your life to give bad things or bad feelings the most attention, while the good things are the one that push you forward.

This, my friends, is the Paradox. No matter what you do, the human mind will always find a reason to be unhappy. I think this is very significant as once you have understood this, you will enjoy your time differently and the process of building your dreams. No matter if you are the waiter or the business person. Being happy with what you have and what you have achieved will boost yourself much faster to the point that you want to be, or let's say, the shortcut you are looking for.

To understand this better, I have created for you this YouTube Channel, so you have guidance. Hopefully, some answers to the questions you have in mind.

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