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How To Sell Anything To Anybody.

Updated: Dec 3, 2021

How to sell anything to anybody, Sales Tactics for beginners, How to sell anything to anyone by European Investment Guru Mario Radosavljevic. Business Life Hacks with Mario Radosavljevic, known as a Serial-Entrepreneur and private Investor based in Monte Carlo, Monaco. In this video, you will hear sales tactics for beginners and how to sell anything to anybody like you know for Sonu Sharma or Grant Cardone, just with my own experience, tools, and minimum effort. You can use this video also as how to sell anything to anyone audiobook if you are on the way with your car. Sell anything with a profit in an easy step-by-step tutorial. My business life hacks are easy to understand and even easier to implement in your strategy. Of course, you can find the whole program also as a PDF download at this link here. Visit my website for more info or daily motivation. I did not have anyone to help me or ask when I started, so I am happy to give FREE advice to those who get started or want to bring their business to the next level.


Is it really possible to sell anything to anybody, no matter what business or niche you are in? The short answer is YES! That is the good news. The bad news is that you need to understand the principles of how this works. Otherwise, I would give you just a piece of advice on do A, B, and C. You will have specific results but, the first time you have a problem, you will struggle to adapt because you are missing the principles. See, selling is a straight line where you want to take your customer from point A to point B, and in a perfect world, he will tell you, shut up and take my money. Yes, this does happen, but most of the time, you have customers moving away from this straight line, and you need to be in control of how to bring them back.


The absolute first thing you need to understand, which is the Secret Sauce of selling everything to anybody, is that You are not selling a product or a service! WHAAAAAT? Yes, you hear me right. You are not selling a product or a service, and I don't care in which industry you are. You are selling TRUST! Please understand the following.

You can have the best product or the best service on the planet, if people don't trust you, you won't sell anything, period! Would you buy from a person that you don't trust? Heeeelll Nooo. But this is not the biggest problem. The big problem here is that your customer is not telling you: “ hey Mr. or Mrs. Salesman, I am not trusting you, and that is why I don’t buy from you.” They will come up with some excuses like, “ I will think about it, I will consider it, or I will order soon…”. All this happens on an unconscious level, and it is up to you to bring them back on your straight line of sales. I mean, you know if yourself of how often you thought, Ok, this sale is made, and then you are waiting and waiting and checking emails 5 times per hour or looking at your bank account, but nothing happens! You think to yourself, damn, I gave him all the info he asked for, he was happy. I asked too if he wants me to send him an invoice, and damn he said Yes, but Damn nothing is happening now, so you start the first mistake by “following up, and you make everything even worse because now he starts thinking you are desperate…” Why I know this? Because back in the days, I was there too.


In 9 of 10 cases you need to do following: STEP NUMBER 1. Create a sense of urgency: If you are selling, for example, Limited Edition Sneakers, one of the questions will be: Is it in stock? And you will say, YES. If you now don’t develop a sense of urgency, the client will probably not buy from you. Tell him, for example: Yes, we have this in stock, but if you purchase today, you will get a 10% discount on the pair of Limited Edition Sneakers. Now you will have him thinking, and if he does still not buy, you need to say, for example: This is our last pairs as it is a Limited item, there will be no more. Now you have this sense of urgency. If he doesn’t buy, he will miss the opportunity to get them. If he still does not buy, he is a WINDOW SHOPPER, and you need to move on as even God could not sell him these sneakers.

STEP NUMBER 2. Pull the trigger.

What do I mean by that? Many of you will be shocked, but you need to stop this endless "follow-up nonsense". I know now my fellows in the United States will be going (Video Whaaaat) but listen you can follow up 10 times with this client. Still, it will not help because he doesn't trust you or the company and You didn't create a sense of urgency. Instead, follow 1 time up, and that's it. You need to show confidence that you have a ton of other customers, and it is up to him to take action. I know that this is hard, especially when the bank account is empty, but you know what? It works every single time. Never force somebody to decide, and never make a decision when you are emotional.

The second most crucial thing you must master is to become an expert in your field. I don’t care if it is a product or a service. People are looking for someone to solve a problem for them. I am sure you heard this many times, but you don’t understand what this means “ solving a problem.” If someone wants to buy a Rolex, what kind of problem can this guy have? Well, believe me, Many! When I walk to the Monte Carlo Yachtclub to visit my favorite Rolex store and I know, today, I am in the mood to check out what could be my next watch. It all depends on the person inside if he knows how to sell. This guy is named Bruno and kindest regards from me at this point, see you soon, buddy! But this guy is checking all boxes when we meet.

1. He is listening to what I want. I can not stress enough how important that is. In over 90% of cases where Entrepreneurs are coming on a meeting to ask for Angel money, and I am sitting as an investor on the other side of the table, the deal will not be done simply because even though the person checks all boxes as an Entrepreneur, but he or she is not able to listen. And if they can not listen to their potential investor, how will they listen to their clients? Believe it or not but that is the number one deal-breaker in the business. Relax and try to understand what the other person wants from you. You are selling sneakers, but still, he is looking to solve a problem. Find out which that is. 2. Don’t sell, but advise. Another substantial thing most Entrepreneurs do not understand is that they should advise their clients instead of trying to sell hard. The person that is interested in your service or product wants to hear the Opinion of an Expert, which is YOU. The “interest” for buying is already here; otherwise, you would not have this conversation, but now try to explain your service as you would be a customer that already had an outstanding experience with it and not like a backyard car-seller. No hard feeling to those selling cars, but you get my point. 3. Allow your customer to make his own decision. What does that mean? I see it over and over again. Suppose the sales do not come to the point where he or she takes out the credit card and say charge the thing. In that case, many Entrepreneurs are showing disappointment in their face and body language. Yes, I understand; you need the money desperately, but believe me when I say this unconscious behavior will not close the deal. It will kill any progress you have already made. Don’t forget that many people need to ask their partner at home what they think of this item or service. Therefore, even if they already decided to buy, they are looking for a backup at home. Instead: give this person the feeling that you care for their needs and concerns. Give them space to breathe, and a wonderful thing will happen. Even if they do not buy from you, they will have an excellent feeling about you as a person and of your company, leading to the point that they recommend most of the time unconsciously you and your company. Humans tend to remember good and bad things and put them on the table when a topic occurs where this information fits. Those that have mastered this make, in fact, around 40% money with recommendations, and I am not speaking of Google my places. If someone likes you as a person, he wants most of the time also the company you work or stand for. 4. Your aftersales must be on another level. I can name many countries like the USA, France, or Germany where aftersales are simply killing everything you made good before that's how bad it is. Your aftersales is maybe more important than the sales. Why? Because people feel that you care and this feeling, they will scream out into the digital and private world. The same they will do if they think it was just a quick number for you. Master this by contacting them alone after 1 week and ask them if everything is fine and if they need any assistance. They will love you, I promise! 5. Self Esteem and Confidence. Young entrepreneurs and old dogs are most of the time lacking self-esteem and confidence. When I am in a meeting where people asking me for money to invest in their business and help with my expertise, I ask them first how much money they need and what for? 90% of them are already done here. This is because they lack self-esteem and confidence to say, “I need 500.000 Dollars for X, Y, and Z”. Now my question: if you are not sure what you want, how you expect that I will be sure that you are the right partner for me and that your company is worth investing in? See my point? How to master this? Self-esteem is not something you can buy, but you can learn it. Repetition and training are what you need. Some of you are born with this skill just as I am; others don’t. Do you remember back in school days when the teacher said, Jack, please stand up and explain… You start to get smaller and smaller and smaller.

Change this by becoming an expert. Suppose we stay on the Limited Edition Sneakers. In that case, you need not only to know everything about sneakers, but you should also know everything about shoes. If the topic is shoes, oh boy, nobody needs to ask you to talk about it in front of an audience because you can’t wait to tell them your expertise, right? With this also comes confidence. You simply close the circle. To make this even more straightforward: If you have an appointment at the dentist, you don’t ask him to check your knee after he finishes just because you hurt yourself yesterday while jogging, or do you? Of course not. You are going to a dentist because he is an expert on teeth and not on your knee. The same is expected for you in your niche, and by knowing all that has to do with your business, self-esteem and confidence are growing step by step. 6. Try to sell via email instead on your phone if possible. Selling on the phone is one of the most challenging things you can do. Companies are spending millions of dollars to have a guideline for their workers on communicating and how to react to specific comments and behaviors. Don’t shoot from the hip; you will lose, I promise you. Selling anything to anyone means FIRST, use the tools that will guarantee most of the time success. Just because you know how to dive doesn’t mean you know how to swim. How to sell on the telephone is something I will show you in my following videos. People have a picture of you when you stand in front of them. In fact, after 2 seconds, they have made a judgment about you and then about your company based on the way you stand, speak and the suit or dress you wear. On the phone, they do the same. While they can not see you physically, they will take a picture of you the exact second you open your mouth. This is how human brains are working. The brain needs to put things on a shelf, and that’s why it starts to create pictures.

Sell if you can via Email to give you time to react. How to maximize your sales, I will show you in one of my following videos. BONUS As promised here is my bonus for you what not to do when you sell: 1. Never show disappointment if the customer do not buy right away. Remember, maybe he or she needs to get green light at home. 2. Never contact the potential customer more than once with a follow up. If they want to buy, they will. Annoying them does not help. 3. Never argue with a customer to show him that you know better then him. Explain but don’t argue. 4. Don’t go into sales if you did not become an expert in your field. Remember, people are looking for an expert opinion. 5. Create the best aftersales experience on this planet. Be like the big brands from Rolex, Louis Vuitton ect. Make the people enjoy the time they are in contact with you. This was my first video on how to sell and how to reach your branding goal.

Comment below what problem you have and where you struggle or think that you can do better, and I will help you right away. If you think this video was helpful, please subscribe and hit the bell icon to not miss my following videos. Thank you very much for watching, and I see you soon.

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