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How to start your Ecommerce Online Business Website Structure.

How to start your ecommerce online business with no money and set up your website with a psychological structure. Starting a how to do for beginners and advances e commerce entrepreneurs. No matter if you sell on Amazon or cajoles or anywhere else you will make it from your own site and make it an great success. Follow my instructions and make sure to watch Part number 1 so you can connect the dots for Gretta success. That's what it is! Lets Go.

Parts One:

Landing page:


How to make money on LinkedIn:

00:00 How to start an ecommerce online business in 2022 Part 2

04:49 Lets get started by sharing the screen with you

33:40 Structure is key

42:17 Landing page

45:00 SEO Keyword Hack

48:29 The number one website advise

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