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Instagram Algorithm 2021 Hack - Tips to grow your brand fast. It’s not like it was back in the days where you post something and show, oh what cute pictures this was of us 3 years ago. People are using Instagram and Facebook mostly now for their businesses to make themselves famous and be an influencer or running your company or brand. So there is a lot of money behind it, and therefore you should understand the new changes as well as you can so you can apply them to your strategy. Bear with me to the end of this video, and I will tell you, as a Bonus, how fake likes and followers are killing your social media accounts in 2021.


In short terms. One of the most obvious examples of an algorithm is a recipe. It's a finite list of instructions used to perform a task. For example, if you were to follow the algorithm to create brownies from a box mix, you would follow the three to five-step process written on the back of the box. That is precisely how the social media platforms are examined your behavior. So YOU literally are telling Instagram, Facebook, or LinkedIn, for example, what your preferences are and in what you are interested in and in what not. The AI (artificial intelligence) is constantly learning and tries to improve your experience to give you the best possible experience, so you spend more time on this specific platform. Because of the complexity of videos and pictures and a steadily growing audience, the algorithm must be updated from time to time, so you get an even better experience.


To make money from advertisers. Wait a minute, how does Instagram make money from the advertisers? Well, the advertisers are paying money for ads, and so they want you to stick with the App, so you see or click the ads they are paying for. Instagram, Facebook, or any other social media platform is selling so-called “ Impressions “ or “ Clicks on an Ad “ to make money. On impressions, you just need to see the ad without doing anything more, and they already making money. On a click ad, you have to click on it and visit the site, and THEN they make money. By they, I mean “ Instagram and Co. “

  1. After posting whatever you post these days, close the App the latest 1 hour after your last post. Instagram will start spreading your post immediately to more people, so you get push notifications. This way, they try to bring you back to the App to be an active user again. HERE COMES THE HACK: As longer you resist going back and Open the App, the more people will see your post, like, and comment because the Algorithm is literally spreading the word for you to generate more push notifications!

  2. IMPORTANT: For those that are already desperate because their content is not moving forward in terms of interaction, let me clear out a couple of myths first:

Number One myth is:

Create great content, and your profile will skyrocket… NOPE, it does not work this way. First of all, what is great content? What I like you may not like and vice versa. The best content in the world will not help you if you don’t get impressions on your post. Impressions are how many people saw your post in the first place and if nobody sees it because your content is blocked, how can anyone know if your content is Great or Not? That's complete nonsense!

And now comes the 1 Million dollar question:

Why should Instagram or Facebook share your content for free when others are paying a lot of money to advertise the content to their audience? Exactly, they would be stupid if they do so. Even on private profiles, they don’t do this because people are willing to pay also as PRIVATE PERSONS money to advertise their profile to get a bit more fame. The proof of what I am telling you is visible over all platforms. Check your profile and see how many friends you have on Facebook or Instagram. See how many likes you have on the last 10 posts. It is usually below 10% of the friends you have. If you don’t post regularly, you will be even below 5% on any kind of interaction.

See my Facebook Fanpage profile, for example. So you see, there are around 1,3 million fans. So when I post something there, and only 10% would like it, I would have 130.000 likes per post. But the reality is that I get barely 30 likes for a post. Why? Because Facebook or Instagram are BLOCKING my post to create a desperation in me and try to bring me to the point where I say I need to pay another ad, so my message goes out to the customer. This already is killing the Myth of creating good content.

Now the 2 Million dollar question would be, how then some Instagrammers have thousands and thousands of fans and the interaction? That is an excellent question, and the answer is as follows:

Brands and companies are blocked by any social media platform in terms of getting free impressions. The same is also for private persons, as I just explained, BUT there is an exception. Natural persons, so no brands or companies sometimes get the advantage from Instagram or Facebook to be UNBLOCKED, and so their post is reaching REAL people and followers, and so you also have the interaction on their posts. But how can I get unblocked too? That my little chocolate bunnies is impossible unless you are a designer or influencer with a huge following base. They are enjoying this UNBLOCKED STATUS because they are private persons even if they stand for a brand or service. After all, it is easier to SELL to private users their ads service when they see another PRIVATE person is already famous too than when they would see a brand or company. This is their way of collecting the billions of dollars they do every single month. In short, it is easier for you as a user to identify yourself with another person than with a brand. So start paying ads or live with the small interaction.


Now that we had covered how social media works, here is the inside why it does not only make sense to buy followers or likes but furthermore, why it also killing your brand before you started.

See, the Algorithm on Instagram and Facebook is checking out your profile after a post, and if you have as an example 100 friends, and you make a post, they will see who and when your friends have made interaction with your post. According to this (Popularity measure), they will likely show your post to a view others that fit in your friend's category, so get a view likes more.

Now let's say you bought for your private account or a brand account, as an example 1,000 followers, but you have the same number of likes you would have with your REAL 100 friends. Instagram or Facebook can not know if they are real or not. So all the advertising you see on Google and Yahoo of “ we sell only real users is a SCAM.” What they see is the following: The popularity level. So if you have the same interaction on 1,000 followers like on 100 followers, the Algorithm will think that the post you have made is crap and will block it from the timeline of even your friends. Do you see the problem?

So instead of getting more attention, you will get even lower interaction from the real friends you have because even they don’t see your new post as the Algorithm is blocking it as “ Un-Popular.”

I understand that for a new brand, it is essential to look like they are popular and that people can't wait to spend money on their products, but you are killing your brand already from the start, at least on social media, with fake followers because now nobody will see your post anymore.

As a brand builder, I can tell you the following: It is absolutely OK to have a small follower base in the beginning. Nobody started big. If you want to make it faster, pay for some ads and start slowly. In the long run, it will pay off.

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Thank you for watching, see you soon!

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