MINDSET for SUCCESS - Mistakes 91 percent make.

Updated: Nov 19, 2021

Mindset for success and how to make money online.

Mindset for success - mistakes 91 percent make & how to avoid them. The mindset for success - mistakes 91 percent make & how to avoid them is covered in this on here.

Hi Guys, I hope all of you are well and safe these days, and you are following my channel to grow your income step by step and have a better and more luxurious life every month. Today I will give you the 5 most important things you need to be independent and unstoppable. At the end of this video, I will unveil the top-secret mindset you have to unleash in yourself to make thousands of dollars every week.

Before we get started, I want to make a quick shoot out to some of my fans and a couple of the best comments from this week.

How to drive a supercar, live in a luxury apartment or a beautiful house? It all starts in your head, and today we will talk about what needs to be changed or adapted to achieve this goal. The advice I give you here is based on my own experience. If you want to live like me, simply follow the steps I describe in my videos, subscribe to my channel, and hit the notification bell, so you don't miss any of my future videos.

If we look at the most successful people in the world analyzed by professional research institutes. They have found out that all of them have something in common: a specific routine.

One of the most essential rules seems to be:


The stronger your mindset is, the greater your skill set is going to be.

First, understand the most important thing: You have spent years in school and maybe even some extra years at the University, but nobody there teaches you how to be successful and make money or how to make money online. No wonder you are struggling to achieve your goals, and no wonder you don't know where to start.

Please don't get me wrong. I think school, College, and Universities are a good thing, but to learn for years what the Romans and Greeks did in the 2500 years, will not help me be successful in 2022 and beyond! In my opinion, 90% or more what regular schools are teaching is outdated and old-fashion and has nothing to do with our modern society. We live like in a fast-forward movie, and if you don't know what you are doing or how to start, the competition will simply outsmart you.

So a successful mind will first try to know WHAT I DONT KNOW and then adapt.

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The biggest mistake people make is to set goals that are too high.

Let me give you an example:

You cannot work and live with, let's say, $1500 every month, and then your goal is to be a millionaire. Sure, that is the end goal, but if you set this as your next step, I guarantee you that you will fail. The reason why you will fail is that your brain and your subconscious mind do not believe that you can become a millionaire. You can say to yourself 100 times a day, "I will be a millionaire, I will be a millionaire," but it will not work. Of course not. You don't have a single clue how a life of a millionaire looks like and what actually makes you feel super successful and wealthy.

See once you make enough money and visit 3-5 times a month a Louis Vuitton store, for example, in your city. Everyone knows you inside, and they also know you already bought a lot of things. So they don't see you as a visitor anymore. But, once you are a customer, I guarantee you that they welcome you in the shop totally different from a visitor. How they will serve you in the shop and how the advice you is on a level where you will be so comfortable and welcome, that you feel and know, you are making money. Slowly you start feeling that you are getting into the inner circle of the wealthy community.

They are not friendly to you, they are nice to the money you bring with you.

The same rule on a much higher level applies when you go to your local Rolex store.

So if you visit these shops now, you will feel uncomfortable because you are not used to this type of luxury which millionaires are. After all, you know you can't afford those items at this very moment. So once you start buying the first small thing and then another and another, you will feel more and more NORMAL in these luxury stores. This is the point where people recognize you differently and start behaving differently with you.

To achieve this with Louis Vuitton, Rolex, or whatever brand is your favorite, you have to set goals to achieve FAST!

You can't get a millionaire fast. Get rid of this idea. But you can make significantly more money fast. From $1500 to $4000 per month happens really fast. And from $4000 to $10000 per month as well. Imagine how different your life would be if you were making 5-10 times the money per month than you make now. Crazy right?

This is the big secrete all of us are applying to our daily habits and strategy. Your brain and subconscious mind will believe much easier than your targeted goal is now $4000 per month. This looks big, but by far not so unbelievable for your subconscious mind, like make a 1 Million Dollar per year. Isn't it?

The most significant by-product of this strategy is that your confidence level is growing at the same pace and then at a much faster rate than your income. This will bring you to a point where you are risking more and making bigger steps. Never have a fear of failing. Failing is part of the journey and gives you unforgettable lessons.

So set goals with little steps, and you will see, damn it, I am making this money already constantly, then put your next goal and so on. You will see, in no time, you will look back and say, Mario, you are the Man because this was the first advice in my life that really made a difference.

I hope you like this video and my content and if so, SMASH the subscribe button and every other damn button you find on the page. If you lose yourself within the week, go back and watch this video again that will remind you, I made it, and you can make it too. Thank you very much for watching, and I see you at the TOP!

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