MrBeast is YouTubes first Billionaire.

MrBeast is YouTube's first Billionaire (ft. @MrBeast) Podcast #1.

MrBeast is YouTube's first Billionaire (ft. @MrBeast) Podcast #1.

MrBeast is YouTubes first billionaire in history.

And this YouTube video will

be the first of many series

I will make on YouTubers

that make more money

than the biggest stars in Hollywood.

So many of you do not

understand the power of YouTube,

and so I will present you a

series of YouTube entrepreneurs

that will hopefully motivate

you to reach for the stars.

We are talking here about a

multimillion dollar business

and a video watch rate

even Hollywood movies are dreaming of.

Please make sure you watch

this video till the end

as I will give you a

step-by-step guideline

how you can start your own journey too.

Well, let's get started.

I started my first YouTube

video channel recently

and I'm working my way up.

Although the start is

always hard and slow,

I know the process

because I managed to get

over one million Facebook fans

on my fan page in the past.

And let me tell you, it was

the hardest thing I ever did.

The reason why I switched

from Facebook to YouTube now

is simply the unfair

policy by Mr. Zuckerberg

where he's blocking all of

my content even to my fans

to force me advertising on my own fan page

as otherwise even my hardcore fans

will not see my content in their timeline

because the Facebook AI is blocking it

and you get to nearly zero impressions.

I'm not sure how the American government

allows such an unfair tactics,

but I hope that very soon

this fraudulent behavior

will find its end.

However, YouTube, that is owned by Google,

does not need this type of scam

and so I decided to switch.

Therefore, I started also to investigate

how successful YouTubers

are generating money,

and honestly I was shocked.

When I saw for the very first time

what income and income

streams they generate,

my brain started rebooting

and working on another level.

That's why I will bring

you a series of videos here

where I will investigate

and cover some of the

most outstanding YouTubers

on how they made a fortune on YouTube.

Furthermore, I will tell you the tactics

they are using to create a money stream

so you can apply it for yourself.

If you thought to start your own business,

this will be probably one of the most

important videos of your life.

Let's get started.

How MrBeast built his empire

of over one billion dollars on YouTube.

If you would see this kid in real life,

you will probably not

take any notice of him,

not to mention that he's

making more money in YouTube

than 95% of businesses in nearly

any country on the planet.

In fact, MrBeast is running

the biggest YouTube business in history.

With each video that he

uploads, you see his growth

because the budget is

getting bigger and bigger

and the prizes too.

He spends around 200,000

US dollars or more

for the production of one single video.

But the bigger question is

how can a 22-year-old

have that much money?

Yes, he get paid

on his incredible amount

of views by YouTube,

but giving away private islands,

mansions, and supercars like it's nothing,

there must be much more

behind the brand MrBeast

than just paid views.

Question number one,

What does MrBeast know

about YouTube that the rest of us don't?

Well, let's explore the business empire

this young kid called MrBeast created.

But let's take a look

at some numbers first.

It was revealed that MrBeast

spends $600,000 per month

just to rent employees,

consultants, and staff,

not including the money

giveaways he makes.

In 2020, he revealed that he spent

over 10 million dollars on content.

And you know what?

The numbers are backing this up.

In 2021, it looks like he's spending

over two million dollar per month wisely.

Question number two, how is this possible?

The truth is Jimmy,

but let's keep calling him MrBeast

as I personally love that term,

turned his YouTube channel in

moneymaking monster machines,

and I will break it down for you,

how he made it so you get a

blueprint what you have to do.

The secret number one,

YouTubers make far more

money than people think.

Yes, some are making far

more than others, but why?

The reason is MrBeast was going all in.

According to Google AdSense,

he's generating over all his channels

over 600 million views every single month.

If we give him an average

RPM of $2 per thousand views,

which is very, very low

to what YouTube is normally paying us,

he makes a 1.2 million dollar per month

through AdSense alone.

Usually his payouts for 1,000 views

will be somewhere between $8 to $18.

So count yourself.

Another $800,000 per month

are coming from his

merchandise and sponsorships

which is here calculated also very low.

This will cover the two

million monthly spending

we estimated right before.

Secret number two, crowdfunding his ideas.

It is not a new idea but

it was new for YouTube,

and how MrBeast applied

it was really smart.

What is crowdfunding?

An entrepreneur has an idea for a product

but not enough money,

so you look for enough like-minded people

to fund your idea and bring it to reality.

Everything his audience funded on money,

he reinvested into his videos

without taking one single

cent from his pocket,

which created a feedback loop

that videos are generating views.

Views are creating money paid by YouTube.

More views means more audience.

More bodies means more videos.

So you see the endless growing circle.

It is the reinvesting that make

him grow so fast and so big.

In August 2020, he posted this tweet,

"To celebrate 40 million subscribers,

"I have a very, very big video

planned but it's expensive.

"Hence why I'm doing

this so I can afford it."

You can read it on Twitter.

This is how crowdfunding works.

His supporters bought tens

of thousands of T-shirts

to support his video come to reality.

If you investigate this channel properly,

you will see that he's running

the exact same model all the time.

Genius, isn't it?

That leaves the question,

why does this work for him?

And why are people so

willing to support him?

The answer is MrBeast is purpose-driven.

This dude is on a mission.

He wants to bring his videos to a level

like never seen before in YouTube.

With this strategy, he

gets an audience buy-in.

Everyone understands that MrBeast

is making tons and tons of money,

and you know what?

They are okay with that

because they felt that

they are a part of it

and change YouTube to something different

which means they feel being

a part of the journey.

When you stand for something,

it will always attract

people to stand behind you,

and eventually it will

become something big.

You have casual viewers,

then you have active viewers,

and then you have super fans.

Casual viewers are the

people that are watching

most of the things in YouTube.

Active viewers are the guys

that already watch one of his videos

and repeatedly watch

another video from him.

Super fans are no matter what he's doing,

they are following him and

they are buying his product,

merchandise or whatever he's offering.

With more and more

investing in his videos,

more and more viewers are

turning into super fans

which will support anything you do

because they want to see you succeed.

He is building a tribe of supporters

which brings results like this.

So the key to selling

anything to everyone is

make people believe in you

and what you are trying to achieve.

Ask yourself, how much buy-in

you are creating actually

with your content on your

YouTube or your website?

To make money on YouTube,

you have to stop thinking

about making money in the first place

so you can focus on building an audience.

If you start thinking only

how I can monetize this thing,

you'll start cramping yourself

with the things you do.

You have to understand

that anything you do

to get attention will get attention

and this is where you will make money

at a certain point automatically.

However, all these needs we will cover now

in step number three, strategy.

Don't think for one second that this kid

just woke up in the morning and said,

"I know what I have to

do to dominate YouTube."

In fact, many years, he was nowhere.

And if you watch this footage

from his early videos,

you'll get an idea where he was

and appreciate even more where he's now.

He applied what I'm

teaching all of my young

and old entrepreneurs day in and day out,

and this is you can't do

the same thing every day

and expect different outcomes.

Exactly this is where

MrBeast said to himself,

"What I have to lose?

"Let me try something new."

Like in every business,

creators and brands

are fighting for customers'

attention and being ahead.

You have to do something

different than the others.

You have to stand out.

If you want to know more about

how to create a stand out

for your brand or company,

I highly suggest you're watching

one of my previous videos

which is a step-by-step

guide on how to do it.

You can find the link in the description.

MrBeast understood what social

media is in the first place.

It is entertainment.

While he's entertaining people

and you enjoy the content

he's presenting you,

he's also selling you in a

very gentle and non-pushy way.

With the money he makes,

he reinvests it and creates even bigger

and crazier videos than before

to entertain you even move.

It is like a new series on Netflix.

If the first season catches you,

you will likely watch also

season two and maybe season three

even if season two was not that good

as you wish it would be.

The reason for this is

that you hope and expect

that it gets better.

The same as MrBeast.

He doesn't simply put

all of the money he makes in his pocket,

but he's reinvesting it

to grow even more by entertaining you.

Imagine you have a product or service,

and you start presenting it on YouTube

in your own specific way.

Yes, what will happen?

It is the best thing you can do

because customer sees what you do

and how your product looks and works

without visiting your

shop in the real world.

Imagine you have a shop in Los Angeles

and you're selling countywide.

Do you really think that a customer

from the East Coast in Miami

will jump in his car or plane

to visit your shop in LA

so you can explain to him your product?

Of course not.

So instead of losing your customer,

you can make a very nice product video

where you show what it is

and how it can solve a specific problem.

MrBeast does this without letting you

notice it in the first place.

For example, in one of

his videos the topic was

the last one to take their hand

off the Lamborghini wins the car.

So not only that you're now curious

who will be the last one

to take their hand off,

he packaged it in a hilarious

and entertaining way.

You feel with the person who won

how it is to own now a Lamborghini

without having the money

to buy one yourself.

What I mean by that is

that he created a way

to catch the viewer emotionally

so people will likely watch the

following video he's making.

Of course he will not get 60 million views

on how to turn on a washing machine,

but for sure you will

get more paying customers

because they understand now

what this washing machine

can do and how it works.

A video is so powerful

because there is no limit

on what you can say or present

to catch your viewers' attention,

and in the end, your customer.

The number one rule here is

the more unique you present your content,

the more difficult it will

become to replicate what you do

and you create such a

monopoly in your niche.

For example, the videos MrBeast is doing

needs millions of dollars and

at least 40 to 50 employees

to make all this happen,

and you create one single video.

On the other hand, KSI,

which we will cover in another video,

makes content that you can replicate

very easily and quickly.

However, this dude gains

millions of views too,

by far not what MrBeast makes,

but still crazy numbers.

So if you start making

videos in your niche,

it will not take long and

you will own the market

because you will become

the number one source

for people that want to

see first how it looks

and how it works before they buy.

You don't want to buy online things

that are presented with

a picture only, right?

Low competition equals exceptional growth

in every business and in every niche.

Making money with the sponsors.

Making money with sponsors

these days is super easy.

Once you get the attention in your niche,

you need only to integrate it naturally

in your video topics.

MrBeast show this in his

video on a very high level.

The sponsor is part of the story.

For example, if you make a

video on the washing machine,

you can say that you will now

turn on the washing machine

and choose a program for white T-shirts

and you will use product X

to see if they get as

clean as you want them.

Integrate the partner company or product

naturally in your story,

and don't disturb the watch flow.

This way the sales happens itself.

However, there is an exception.

If you're able to get cash

money for the sponsoring,

you can tell your audience

that you have company X as sponsor

and that you reinvest the

money into your videos.

So you create a win-win situation

and everyone benefits from it.

Better videos means better

view and experience,

and a better view and experience

means more watch time.

So I hope you see that if you feel stuck

in your current situation,

there is a way out.

MrBeast was tinkering around

for years with zero success

until he decided to

change the way he works.

I understand that you think

you are doing so much wrong

or you're simply missing the money

to skyrocket your business,

but please understand all

of us started with nothing.