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My YouTube Subscribers after 6 Weeks.

My YouTube Subscribers after 6 Weeks.

WE DID IT!!! Six weeks later and we surpassed the 1000 SUBSCRIBERS mark on YouTube!

This, my friends, is the social proof that what I am doing is something that HELPS others and brings VALUE to those that have nobody to ask, just as I didn't back in the days. While you maybe think OK, 1000 Subscribers is not really breathtaking, let me give you this inside: YouTube Creators School analyzed over 100.000 channels and found out that for 1000 Subscribers, you need an average of 157 videos. Now I have 20 vids, and so you get an idea where this thing will lead me. Mark my words: 500.000 Subscribers until the end of 2022 and then kicking ass to surpass the 1 million. I will create the biggest, and sexiest YouTube how-to make money guide and look sexy while doing it in the fucking Milky Way.

Visit the channel and SMASH the Subscribe button if you always wanted advice from a person that made the money you are looking for:

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