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Updated: Dec 2, 2021


Here is why Online Side Hustle Ideas 2022 will blow your mind.

Lets cover today the importance of why online side hustle ideas 2022 will bring you to the next level. Mario Radosavljevic, a former professional Football player, loves recording his YouTube videos in Monte Carlo, Monaco. It was a blast today filming in the harbor of Monte Carlo. Beautiful lights and a magic atmosphere made my work look easy. Honestly, it is not. It takes so much effort to make YouTube videos for you guys that will help you improve because, after the script and the filming, the cutting is simply hard work. However, I hope you guys enjoy your day too and are watching my videos because remember, from nothing comes nothing and today is the perfect to start from scratch and change your life and write a new story.

Online Side Hustle 2022.

However, while I was filming, I recognized the importance of how to make money online and how business changed in the pandemic within the last two years. We all know, well, at least most of us, that the business we were used to in the previous hundreds of years will change, but I think we all agree that we felt that making money online will shift slower. Wrong!

People were locked up in their apartments and houses and finally felt like the animals they so much like to watch when visiting the local Zoo, and so naturally, the business has to adapt as you can see on e-commerce side hustle reddit pages. Two years later, we still have the problem of late or even none delivery on items we bought. It is not because the companies are running their business as a side hustle, but because so many people ordered online simultaneously, some industries have increasing numbers up to 3200%. Clear that this can not run smoothly.

Production plants need to be re-adjusted to produce more. Tripple numbers of boxes and all sorts of packages need to be made. The transportation system needs to be restructured, and so a massive shift in our consuming society has happened in silence. While the ordinary customer does not have any understanding of why so many companies have problems with the delivery and automatically think, well they are in financial issues, they tend to be blind to the fact that a vast chain of little gearwheels needs to work in harmony to grant an unforgettable and hopefully nice consumer experience.

It is already hard enough for one company to adapt to the market in no time, but having this on a chain with dozens of companies is simply impossible. Stories of disappeared packages that got lost and never have been found again are the new normal. It is not because the guys working in the delivery chain woke up in the morning and had mental issues. It is simply because they are overwhelmed with orders.

Online side hustle 2022 will reach the next level.

You may say, well, Mario, that is all clear to us, but still... I gotcha but try to look at it this way. A recent study showed that over 70% of small business owners own a website but do not have an online shop set up for a smooth online experience. Now that they were locked up at their homes, they finally decided to do so, and more possibilities to buy means in a Pandemic as we can see, more sales.

Humans are creatures of habit, and usually, it takes 6-8 weeks to adapt to a new habit to run on autopilot. That's simply how humans are made by nature. Now that customers have been buying products online for over two years guess what that will mean for future customer behavior? Exactly, more online shopping.

So if we come back to the title of this blog of online side hustle ideas 2022, this is the answer. Side hustle ideas 2020, and side hustle ideas 2021 showed us already where online side hustles are going. No matter if it is dropshipping side hustles, or passive side hustles, or unique side hustles, people are hustling all over the place the generate some income and create a better credit score if they have a bad credit. Suppose you did not take time to start your online business or adapt it and refine it. In that case, you will be in a short time nowhere because the internet gets flooded daily with new products and resell ideas. Those pushing now will benefit from the search engines and the advantage of being found organically, which means you will have to spend less advertising money to be seen and so increase your profits. Think about it.

Most of you have already slept too long to jump on the online wagon. For so many entrepreneurs, the internet was something to check out on Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter, but sales? They relied on the idea of having the customer locally. Even worse, if your hope was that this pandemic would end one day and then we go back to what was before 2019, I have some terrible news for you.

The human economic history shows clearly that there is no point in time where business was switching back to old sales tools. The train was not replaced by the horse. Take a closer look around your environment. You will recognize that staring into a smartphone is the new normal. Sales and services tend to get easier for the end-consumer, and once the habit takes over, it is too late for you to jump on this train or switchback.

If 10 years ago someone would tell you that food would be printed to be eaten, you would be told him to get himself a job and stop watching Startrek, right? We already have several restaurants like the one in Austria that serve 3D fish for their customers without any chemicals or pesticides. You can enjoy your fish the same way as Noah on his Arche.

So please stop thinking in old fashion ways and begin to shape the future for all of us. There is so much more in you than you think, and every single one of us can make this one difference.

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Thank you very much for reading, I'll see you at the top!






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