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Rich People Are Insane How to make Money Online.

Rich people are insane how to make money Online with investing at least 80 hours of work per week. The reason why rich people are insane how to make money online is, that they decided to sacrifice their private life in order the become a mega shark. You can watch the video if you dont want to read.

A friend of mine was coming from Germany a week ago to visit me here in Monaco he was with his wife and his kid this guy is a banker and he's working a lot with with stocks on the market and so on and so forth and he told me Mario I like your channel very much but sometimes I'm overwhelmed with all the information you give me thank you very much for this Stephan greetings to Germany and i try to keep it then as simple as possible and um just uh talk about this one topic uh today so one of the reasons that you have to understand is when you start to make money you are doing nothing else but working and if you want to have tons of money this is the way you have to do because money don't come from nothing you have to put a lot of work inside that something is coming in now you have to decide if you want to be one of these rich that is insane and what do i mean by that is there are some unique persons that are investing 150 percent in one topic in a small niche and there they become the giant shark in a small ditch so to be this shark to be this Megalodon that is biting everybody biting in the ass and everywhere else.

You have to invest another hundred not 120 150 percent of your time so imagine how possible it will be that you spend your time with your family with your wife with your kids with your dog or whatever you want to do there's literally no time for nothing else but sleeping and working if that's what you're looking for go ahead i was doing this for many many years and it made me really really unhappy because life is passing by you have tons of money but you're not using it for anything you have to understand a very very important topic and this is following let's say your goal was to have a hundred thousand uh dollars for this uh year as an income so you reached your goal great I'm happy for you so you're continuing with the hustle and you're doing everything that's necessary to make this money and so the next year come and you're making a 300 000 per year great what a wonderful life you will have what happens is that you're continuing doing this and you want more and more and more now you will come to a point where you bought the car that you wish to you bought the house that you always wanted and all the other stuff this lecture luxury stuff that you was dreaming of. Great now, money is not the issue anymore what happens is you are now still in power in charge of this one job, but money is not what is driving you. It is the power position that you have. You love to squeeze the balls of your colleagues.

You want that this comeback besides you doesn't have this fame in your company as you do if you're in a manager position for example not everybody is an entrepreneur right so you are this manager and you want to have this fame you wish to be recognized as the giant shark in this small ditch this is one of the reasons where feminists are totally wrong because they're saying how comes that women are not in so high positions and so powerful positions is man that's totally Bullshit and let me explain you why the big reasons between men and women is that women when they reach their goal let's say they have this hundred thousand then three hundred thousand then they have five hundred thousand income per year and then they know I have to put now another 20 hours into this work to have 19 or 90 or 100 hours a week right to keep this standard and women just say that's not worth my time I also want a private life they are not that much ego driven like men while my men say no way I'm gonna keep this position i know it's not about money anymore but I want to be this giant shark i work so hard to get this position and be the Megalodon of my business area here and I cannot just say stop right now because i have the money it's something inside his ego he wants to have his ego satisfied every single day that's the big difference and this is the reason why women are not so often found in high positions in companies uh compared to men nothing to do with feminism that's pure Bullshit that's thinking of the 70s not in 2021.

So these are the differences between these two things right being super rich means all of your life you are investing in this one thing but you don't have anything else but this I have experienced this myself working all the time collecting money and it's come to a point where money doesn't matter anymore to you because it's coming in it's pouring in from any side but you are getting insane you can i i didn't have any topic to talk with my uh girlfriend or my friends or my family just business if they speak anything else i start to get annoyed that's insane this is not normal this is against nature but if this is what you want to do go ahead it's just exactly what you need to do if you feel this is what will make you happy do it i think the better way is what I'm doing right now I'm investing about 80 percent of my time in different topics and generate their money this is the reason why searching for this one particular app on youtube where you're making fifty dollars a hundred dollars a day uh is nonsense this is something for monkeys because you can teach a monkey to use this app but what you will do if this app disappears if it's gone your money is gone so this is the reason why I'm not teaching this here on this channel I'm teaching you the mindset and the idea how to generate money from everywhere because if this one thing doesn't work anymore out for you for whatever reason you have many others it's simple to adapt and say okay here they are there but if you're just relying on one app i have to do ABC and i get 50 bucks a day that's great but if it stops what you're gonna do you're back on square one that's not what we want to do we want to have a progress and move forward and not then going this ten steps backward that i made so hard ahead make sense, hello?

I hope this information that I gave you makes sense to you and you understand much better what is needed to make money. You have to get rid of the idea from today I'm living this everyday life. In about a month or a year, I will be super-rich that doesn't happen. I promise you if you see value in this video and want me to make more of these, please give this video a like and share it. Comment below what your thoughts are on this topic, and if you have any questions, please subscribe to my channel and thank you very much for watching. I'll see you at the top.

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