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Streams of Income plus Make Money Online Meme.

Create streams of income and make money online fast and easy with this step by step tutorial.

ATTENTION is what you need and what you need is, Attention.

And for this you need the 4 principles to achieve the attention you need.






Stick with me to the end of this video and I will show you a short hack that will shorten

the Attention process by a 1000%!

Lets start with number 1: NARROW!

Whatever your idea of business is, you need to narrow this even further so that people say: I don’t know anybody else doing this or I know just 1 more doing this. If you do what everybody else does, you will never get attention. The biggest mistake you can make is to offer your service or product to as many people as possible. As a private investor, I have financed in the last years over 100 companies and this mindset is by far the most difficult for people to understand, and I get it. How can it be good to make your possible customer field smaller, is what they ask me then. And the answer is simple. You are looking at the market like: hey this is my product come and buy, fresh and crisp, eat it before its cold…! This is a strategy of, I don’t know a 100% who my customer is but I am sure most them are…

The customers are looking in no matter what product or service they are buying for someone that can solve a SPECIFIC problem. They are not going to groceries and saying, Ok here is my basket put some food in. If you want to eat pasta, you are going here and if you're going to eat a delicious fish, you will go to another special place where you know, they have something you are looking for.

As clearer you separate yourself from the pack, the quicker the money will come in. PROMISED!

2. Let’s talk about THE STAND OUT

Suppose you practice the STAND UP as just explained before. In that case, you will automatically have a STAND OUT because you offer a unique service or product. Let me give you an example with one of my companies.

When I presented LOMA Wheels to the market, it was one of many in the field. Nothing special. But then I created a product made out of Aluminium, which is used as an aerospace material and was used to build the ISS and the space shuttle. Wait a minute? You made rims from the material the ISS and the Space Shuttle are made of?

Yes, I did, and I offered the set of rims for a whopping $70,000 per set starting price.

While all in the industry were laughing about this move I made, it generated nearly immediately ATTENTION and made my company STAND OUT. Now people are noticing the brand and talking about it, which benefits the brand even if they don’t buy. I offered 25 sets as a limited edition, and all of them were sold out within 12 months after the introduction. Guess how many were laughing now.

Possible was this because nobody else offered a similar product, and I could separate my brand from anybody else with nearly no marketing money.

This brings us straight to number 3: GET NOTICED

You see how one clicks with the other? Getting noticed with a specialized product gives you something extraordinary: FREEDOM of creating your own Niche. As I was also serving the Motorsports industry, I could use the Aerospace material story and combine it with Racing activities, narrowing my brand even more. Now you get another small group on board, the Ferrari, Lambo, and Porsche guys that love racing and are wealthy enough to spend time on the track from time to time. Of course, only the best is good enough for them. While they could not buy the aerospace rims anymore, they wanted to buy the idea of the brand. So NORMAL forged wheels were now perfect for them, which is, in reality, my day-to-day product.

The funny thing in all of that is, that because the wealthy guys now are choosing most of the time loma wheels, the middle class starts getting excited about my products too. Now I have the possibility and FREEDOM to create a product that is much lower-priced and bespoke made for the middle class and expand so my portfolio. You see, another money stream is created.

Lets continue the clicking and get to Number 4: BE AN EXPERT

Now I am an expert because I offer something nobody does and potential customers want to know more. They are asking for my opinion! Isn't that remarkable? From being nobody to be the guy that must know! I love it.

But this does not make you an expert. Besides that, you have to know your product, you are now talking to a specific type of client, and you start learning what they are looking for and what is important to them. You will have a wonderful feeling how to talk to a new client over time because you know now what matters before he even said a word.

The clicking isn't over yet, now lets talk about THE PRICE

A specialist or a brand or company that offers something nobody has or only a view on the planet never heard the word DISCOUNT. Discounts are for companies that don’t know how to sell or are under pressure. When you follow all the steps, discounts will be only something others do, but not you.

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