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World's Most Advanced ECommerce Business.

Updated: Nov 18, 2021

World's Most Advanced eCommerce Business (Editing Tutorial Part 1) from Start to Finish. ⏹ SUBSCRIBE ⏹​?sub_confirmation=1 and COMMENT

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The World's Most Advanced eCommerce Business (Editing Tutorial Part 1) from Start to Finish is based on running 13 plus years #ecommercebusiness and #ecommercebusinesses. I don't have only 1 #ecommercestore, but 24 of them with 24 brands. I will show you tips and tricks on how to get massive traffic without spending one single cent and how to rank in Google on page one. I will also show you the proof via screen, how I am ranked in my super competitive niche on place one on page one in Google. As you can imagine, it is bringing me tons of traffic to my eCommerce business.

Today we will talk about the best Wix ecommerce strategy for your ecommerce business and ecommerce store, before you start your ecommerce business, but if you already have started your ecommerce store, you will see what adjustments need to be done and how to connect my strategies to squeeze as much money as possible out of it.

Stay with me until the end of this video and you will also learn how to outrank your competition on Google and any other search engine without spending 1 single cent. All in this video.

We are not gonna talking about selling on eBay, we will not talk about Craig's list, or selling on Amazon FBA, or Facebook market place.

We will talk about creating your successful ecommerce business over Wix ecommerce. I will share my screen with you to show you how powerful Wix ecommerce is, so you can follow me along.

Now for those that know me and are following my youtube channel, they know that I am running myself ecommerce businesses for 13 plus years and so I can give you some insides of what to do and what to avoid under any circumstance.

Before I share my screen with you, I have to mention that I was working for many years with WordPress. I know that there are some WordPress ninjas out there but if you ask me, Wix offers so many advantages compared to WordPress that there is no way that you convince me different.

It starts already with the mobile version. On WordPress this was beyond horrible, while Wix is specialized on the mobile experience and I think I dont have to mention how important that is nowadays.

Now, the second best thing which is even more important if you ask me is the storage space Wix offers.

While other platforms are asking to pay more to get more storage, Wix gives you a unlimited storage space which is super important because you are creating a visual website with high-res pictures and videos.

Saying that. Let’s get started:


Understanding the WHY is essential as you can create the strategy around that. If you are selling on eBay, amazon or Facebook marketplace for example, you are always a passenger. What I mean by that is, that you have to deal with any of the changes they make and there is zero chance to do anything against it. Most of the time it will not affect you but believe me one thing, then when everything runs smooth and you have implemented your social media strategy, your suppliers are working well, your clients are contacting you more and more, ONE change of those platforms can kick you out of business in no time. That is exactly what we dont want and what we want to avoid at any circumstance.

I am not telling you, dont use these ecommerce business platforms to make money online, all I am saying is, create a base that you can control and then work with these platforms.

1. The number one step to have a successful ecommerce business is, to create a website with the perfect LANDING PAGE.

Besides that fact that you have to have a own website is, to create a landing page where specific customers are referred to a specific product. A shop site should NEVER be your landing page because search engines will identify them as shop sites and not list them under questions. Let’s have an example:

If you are selling smart phones on your site, the shop site will have a link like www.(yourcompany).com/smartphone/WhatEverProduct. So if someone is searching in Google for "how to use my smartphone for video", you will be never listed there as such, because it’s not a "how to site" but a ecommerce shop site.

So let’s take one of my ecommerce businesses to show you a example and the number one trick you can sell without selling.

One of my ecommerce businesses is Loma wheels. So if I want people to buy from my ecommerce store, I would create a landing page to the add or blog post I am doing. So let’s say I want to sell this set of wheels, the MCS TrackSpec. What amateurs or not so experienced sellers would do is, to write a blog post or, post a picture and then place a link to the page where you can purchase this product. Is this wrong?

If you ask me, YES it is. The reason why this is wrong is, because you are HARD selling. When someone does this, it would be the same if you go to a car dealership, and just because someone went in the shop, you start yelling at him, buy this car buy this car and so on. This is a sales tactic from the early 2000´s.

These days people have an overload on products and offers and so they want to know first more about you and the company to decide for a Yes or a No. If you want to know more on this topic of "sales tactics" please check out the link in the description as i have made a separate video on how to get a Yes from a customer.

What you want to do instead is, after placing a blog post or a picture on social media, you place a link to a LANDING PAGE. This landing page has only a little bit to do with the product you want to sell. On this page you want to present the value of your company or yourself if you are in the front line. You want to give a potential customer or someone that was interested in the post or picture you shared with world, what you are standing for and what values make you, your product or service special. On the end of the post you will mention the product or service you want to sell and place a link there so they can visit then the product page. Now when they do this, they will have at least a better overview of who you are and why you are solving a problem for them.

The big trick is, that you dont have a link of this LANDING PAGE called "custom wheels" but for example "how custom wheels enhance the performance of your Lamborghini" as example.

Here I have now the keywords: how (for how to - so it’s an education), custom wheels, performance and Lamborghini.

You see in one sentence i have created the audience I want to target and the same you do with the smartphone example I mentioned before. This way you will be listed on Google for 4-5 keywords and outrank your competitors that are not doing what you do.

This way you give the person a very nice background what this blog or post is all about, you and what you do, and so he can start identifying himself with you or your company. Even better is, if the person jumps off and says, No this is nothing for me. The reason why this is so good is, that you can very quickly IDENTIFY who your customer is and then target this specific audience with specific ads and posts.

Without doing this, they will visit a product page that simply looks like a cold and non-verbal product to them where an emotional connection didn’t happened. Trigger the emotion and you get the sales.

In Wix you have a beautiful blog built in, that you can modify in color and look however you want. The blog itself has the big power to be super beneficial for the search engines and so people can discover you naturally on Google or Yahoo.


So let’s say you wrote your blog post and published it on your website. Now go to Facebook and post the link on your Fanpage and on your private social media profile.

Once you have done this, you have created 2 very powerful things for your ecommerce business which are:

1. You have a DO-FOLLOW Link on the net which means, everything you post on Facebook, Google and other search engines will pick up and so it will appear in the search results. Just make sure that the description on the Fanpage is a bit different to the description on your private profile, because search engines love UNIQUE content. This way, it will be listed twice.

2. You have the possibility to advertise this link to a audience you choose and get traffic on your landing page. On your Wix landing page, you have then a full report of who visited you from where and when, and based on this, you adapt and modify your sales strategy until you are happy with the music coming in.

Once this is done, you start creating the next landing page and the next and so on. You can create a maximum of 100 fix build in pages on Wix but endless blog posts to get attention. Before you ask, yes you can make 20 blog posts or more that are leading to the one and same landing page. This way you maximize even more the traffic to your landing page and increase the sales in the end of the day.


The Wix ecommerce website will help your business even more. After a while when you have gathered enough inquires, subscribers and so on, you can send them an email with your news products or service.

STOP HERE! It’s not the classical email marketing because I can stand this nonsense. No, it is for your existing customers only. You can adjust your Wix ecommerce the way, that everyone that contacted you over the form on the contact page, will be in the system and so you can send him a email with news. To do this legally, place simply a box that needs to be check with " I accept terms and conditions " and get so the permission of contacting them afterwards. DONT sell them hard. I can’t stress enough how important that is. Be interesting and inspiring and people will buy from alone if they can afford your product or service.

On the tab EMAIL MARKETING you can even choose how it will look like and put some info’s in that you think are important. You see the stats how many received it, how many opened it and how many unsubscribed from your list.

In reality you see even better who is your perfect customer. All this will help you create a money stream for your ecommerce’s businesses and the best of all is, it works for every service or product the same.

I hope you like this this video and it was giving you a enough value to give me a like and to subscribe to my channel. Dont forget to hit the notification bell so you dont miss any of my future videos.

Thank you very much for watching and I see you at the top!

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