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Your E-Commerce Business does not work because of these 3 mistakes!

Your E-Commerce Business does not work because of these 3 mistakes!
Your E-Commerce Business does not work because of these 3 mistakes!

Your E-Commerce Business does not work because of these 3 mistakes, and you should STOP right now doing them!

We all know how frustrating it has everything in place. However, still, nobody is buying, or customers hesitate to buy from you. Tons of ideas but none of them works! Why?

We can split this problem into 3 points, whether you are running your side hustle, e-commerce business, affiliate links, or Amazon FBA. All of them require these 3 basic steps on which you can start building your future.

After 14 years of e-commerce, I collected the 3 primary keys you need. Watch my YouTube videos so you dont have to read. Let's get started:

The 3 categories you need to change immediately are:

  1. Your social media presence

  2. Your website structure

  3. Your email list


The main mistake why you don't have any conversion from Instagram, Facebook, and Co. is because you try to sell people your service or product. While the idea is clear and understandable, this strategy does not work for a very long time. Still, so many of you are trying to go with your heads through the wall, trying to force customers to do what you want them to do.

The only way to convert your Instagram or any other social media profile and make money online is to be a guide that educates on this specific topic you do. So if you are selling, for example, kitchen equipment, you will never have the success you are looking for if you show people how good they can slice onions or tomatoes with your new kitchen tool. That is what we old dogs call "hard-selling," and you know what? It never works.

Show the end result, not the product, to boost your e commerce business.
Show the end result, not the product, to boost your e commerce business.

Instead, show them delicious ways how to cook a fantastic meal that will taste like never before. Show them the end result, a happy family sitting and enjoying the dinner you just created. The kitchen tools you want to sell are presented as a side dish that makes your cooking so much easier, but only in the background. I promise you, sales will increase by 1000% or more. The trick is to show the benefit of the delicious meal easy-made with your tools. As less, you speak about the tools as more you will sell. Just use them in short videos and say that if you are interested in those, a LINK below will lead you to the website.

With this strategy, you will make people love visiting your social media site to see your new recipes. Nobody wants to eat the same day in and day out. More interaction with your content means more sales!

By starting the conversation on how to create this delicious-looking Cheeseburger, you show already the benefit the customer will have instead of selling right away and telling the customer the benefit you are looking for. His money! Did you get the idea?


The second mistake is that you created a website that looks only fancy without taking time to look into: psychological website colors and structure, or worse, you don't have a website at all!

You may ask yourself, why do you need a website when you sell on Amazon or similar? Big mistake! Leading customers with links or posts to your Amazon site will cause them to start looking for similar offers on Amazon and Co. to find out better prices than you have.

You will lead your customer from your social media post to your battlefield with a well-structured website. One of the most essential things in a war scene is to choose a battlefield that is to your advantage. Where you know the area and its specifics. The same is on YOUR website. You can lead the customer step by step through what you want him to see. Building rapport and giving him the feeling I am at the right place.

A perfect website structure is a must to run a successful e commerce business.
A perfect website structure is a must to run a successful e commerce business.

When you manage that the customer feels well on your website, you can lead him from there to your Amazon site and make him buy. A study shows that great converting websites make over 97% of customers buy straight away from Amazon sites without searching for a better price. You sell trust in the first place, not products or services. NEVER FORGET THIS!

Everything starts with step one and your social media presence. Step two is a website that leads the customer to the point of sales.


Every single time I see how entrepreneurs or affiliate marketers do not use email lists, it amazes me. Let's cover quickly for newbies what an email list is and why it is so important!

An email list is simply a register of people that subscribed to your website. Yeah, I hear you; you don't have that many subscribers. Huge mistake!

Before I tell you how to grow your email list at supersonic speed, let me explain why your business activity will NEVER-EVER be successful without it.

  1. The more people subscribe to your website, the more interaction gets your site. Google recognizes this as being POPULAR which causes you to be pushed by the search engine algorithm, so more people see your website and what you do. The more people visit your site, the more organic traffic you will have, leading to more sales.

  2. Presenting a new blog or post will cause exactly point one, and new releases or products can be sold without delay from day one.

  3. The social proof you have on your website by showing how many people have already visited this particular post will help you build rapport and boost your sales.

Without a mailing list, your sales will always be low in e-commerce.
Without a mailing list, your sales will always be low in e-commerce.

The million-dollar question is: HOW TO GET SUBSCRIBERS?

That is much easier than you think. Create a FREEBIE. A freebie is a piece of information or content that you give for free to get in return for an email address. To stay on the kitchen tools example. Give a very special recipe for free, and to get this recipe, they need to subscribe. You can do this easily with a Popup on your website. Once they have done this, they get an automatic email with this unique recipe or video on how you do it in return.

It is necessary to understand that this content should be visible only to those subscribed, right?!

You will see how fast you will grow your email list and strengthen your presence on the internet. AGAIN, you see how essential your own website is and why posting affiliate links does not work as you wish.

These are the 3 basics you have to have to make money online with whatever your idea is to offer. You will never create the income you wish you push your business to the next level if you don't have these 3 essential steps to build your future.

In the end, here is my FREEBIE for you. Click on it and subscribe, and you will get an excellent email in return where I will show you how to make money online watching youtube videos. Over 120,000 people have watched it already. Don't miss out!

Until then, I wish you all the best, and I'll see you at the top!

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