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YouTube Ads to get maximum YouTube views and website traffic.

If you master YouTube ads to get maximum YouTube views, you will have also unbelievable website traffic and your ecommerce business will skyrocket like never before.


If you want to know how much money you can make on YouTube, watch this video here!

How to create YouTube Ads to get maximum YouTube views and make money?

I will not show you a tutorial on what to choose and what fields to fill out when you create YouTube Ads. You have on this topic thousands of YouTube videos where you can see step by step how to make basic YouTube ads.



I will show you how you can maximize your profits from Youtube Ads because that is the idea in the first place. It does not matter if you choose to gain Subscribers for your YouTube channel, or if you are looking to get more Subscribers on your site, sell any type of product or maximize the traffic on your landing page. All of them are going down the same road. Once you know how YouTube Ads work most efficiently, you can start creating your own strategy where and how to use it to reach your goals.


Here are the three things you need to skyrocket your Youtube Ads for any topic on the web:


  1. Killer Thumbnail

  2. Landing Page with an Emotional description

  3. Christal clear Call To Action


1 - Killer Thumbnail to get people interested.

The very first thing is to create a Killer Thumbnail. What do I mean by that? I see this mistake doing so many out there on the net, and that's why I am bringing this here as the very first point. Most people start to create their Youtube ads first before they have set everything else. Don't get me wrong, I fully understand this because nobody wants to waste time and get the fastest Youtube ads results possible. But here is the catch. You have to realize that people will click on your ads anyway, no matter how bad they are. What we want is to have a click-through rate that is off the charts. At the end of the day, you are spending money on your Youtube ads, and if you get 10,000 impressions but less than 1% on clicks, you waste money big time.

So to avoid this, we need a thumbnail that describes your topic without many words. The golden rule for a perfect Youtube thumbnail is 3-5 words maximum. Keep in mind that most of your viewers will be on mobile, so you have to make sure to use bold Google fonts that can be read easily. 

Important: Don't use fake or celebrity pics to create a click-bait thumbnail. First of all, the Youtube Algorithm is more intelligent than you think. Secondly, your users will be angry by not seeing what's promised in your Youtube thumbnail.


2 - Landing page with an emotional description for your Youtube Ads.

The second thing you will need before you get started with YouTube Ads is a landing page. It can be on your website, blog, or whatever you choose to have as your landing page. If you don't know exactly what a landing page is or why it is super important to have one, check out the link below and watch the video. I am explaining in detail why this is a must-have for anything you do on the internet.


Before you ask me why you need a landing page, I want you to think of this: your Youtube ads must have a goal. You can not expect that people just because you decided to make YouTube Ads are clicking on it and doing what you want. Always have in mind that any type of ad is an interruption in the user's private time. If there is no explicit goal of what you want them to do, you will waste tons of money for nothing. So bear with me, and I will show you a 100% bulletproof method of using your cash wisely for all Youtube ads you will ever make.


Your landing page must have an emotional trigger of a very specific topic you are covering. No matter if it is a download product or a physical product. Show them that you have the solution to solve their problem. The golden rule here is, the more specific you go, the more people will react to your message.


The biggest mistake people make is, trying to cover as much as possible in one topic because they want to get the most out of their Youtube Ads. Honestly, I understand this, and guess what? I was making exactly the same mistakes in my beginnings. People have specific problems, and they are looking for specific solutions. You cant cover all of them in one page. Do one theme at a time.


3 - Christal Clear Call to Action.

The third point is as important as the others, but you can screw everything up here. A call to action button to your Youtube Ads seems to be overlooked so easily. Most people are writing click here or see more or similar, but you have to choose something more dramatic.


Let me make you understand what a call to action button is and whatnot. It is not; click here to see this.

It is an urgent call to do this, or you will miss a, b, and c. Urgency must be created because, as I said before, people are looking for a specific solution for their problem. Now, suppose the content on your landing page is written tremendously. You have them emotionally attached to your solution; In that case, you need to guide them to a specific page you want them to see.


Tell them what to do to get a, b or c as a reward. The better you do this, the more successful your strategy will be.


4 - YouTube Ads ready for Rock'n Roll.

Now that you have set up the 3 basics, you are ready to launch your YouTube Ads and create this one-off experience for anyone that clicks on your ad. What you have to do now is to let always a week pass by and then measure what can be improved. Is the Thumbnail, the content on your landing page, or the call to action.


Never make changes before as not every day is the same on the net, and not everyone sits 24/7 on the laptop. So give it a week before you check your statistics and start making changes if needed.


I hope you guys see value in the Youtube Ads inside I gave you here. If so, please Subscribe to my Blog, Subscribe to my Youtube Channel, and don't forget to like and share.


Thank you very much; I´ll see you at the top!







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